Tamara Pisarenco, the director of Vatra Centre for temporary placement for children and orphans, and Anatol Chichirita, one of the supervisors of the institution, are accused of Valeriu Chiveri’s death, an 11- year-old minor.

The boy died on the night of December 1st, at the Centre, as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning, after being left unattended in a room hermetically closed which had no handle on the door.

The director of the institution is investigated under the Article 328 of the Criminal Code - "influence peddling and ultra vires". The guard of the institution is being investigated under the Article 145 - Intentional homicide. The prosecutors requested arrest warrants for the two, but Râşcani District Court of the capital city rejected the law enforcers’ requests.

Tamara Pisarenco says she regrets what happened and that she has repeatedly called the Chisinau City Hall funds to increase the number of employees and to do the necessary repairs. However, her requests were dismissed. The director also said that Chiveri was brought during the night by police and nobody has announced her about it, and in the morning, when she came to work, they communicated her about his death.

Anatol Chichirita told the investigation officers that Chiveri had a violent behavior,  kicking the door with his feet. At three o'clock at night he checked and saw that the boy was sleeping on the bed.

On the other hand, several children placed at the Center that night, said that Valeriu was knocking on the door calling for help. The children couldn’t come to rescue either, since their door was also locked.

For now, there is no public statement with regard to the reason of the fire outbreak, however, there are rumors that the boy would have lit a cigarette and had forgotten it on the mat.

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