Budjakonline.md writes that yesterday, December 20th, the president of the FC “Găgăuzia Oguzsport” and Secretary of the Supervisory Board "Teleradio Gagauzia", Anatolii Mavrodi, was detained. He is suspected of bribing the voters.

The corruptive action occurred at the polling station where the former speaker of the Gagauz People's Assembly, the businessman Dmitrii Constantinov, submitted his candidacy for the GPA.

The election results were contested by the opponent of the former speaker, who in the first round of elections won twice as many votes as compared with Constantinov. A recount of the votes was carried out n this context, and there are ongoing investigations in a case regarding corrupting the voters.

The man detained, Anatolii Mavrodi is an employee of the Supervisory Board of "Teleradio Gagauzia" (not a politicized institution). However, he has actively supported the ex-speaker of the GPA. He is currently under arrest for 3 days being suspected of corrupting the voters.

Detaining the agitator was also discussed by the Governor of the autonomy, Irina Vlah who said that the action restraint aims to influence the political process around the confirmation of the GPA election results.

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