Eliferie Haruta has been heading the Green Spaces Management Municipal Enterprise since June 18, 2007. The enterprise is one of the poorest municipal businesses. This characteristics however, does not seem to apply to Haruta, who owns two real estate properties in Chisinau, a luxury car and shares in another municipal enterprise.

Eliferie Haruta has been working for Green Spaces since 1990's and since 1999 he has been first deputy director of the enterprise. He was also interim manager of the enterprise for a while. Although, according to the income and property statements, Haruta’s family does not own any businesses and is supported by the salary, which in 2012, was 168 thousand lei  and in 2015, 231 thousand lei, their properties value millions on the real estate market of Chisinau.

Since 2014, Eliferie Haruta also owns shares, valued at just over 15 thousand lei in Autocomtrans JSC, an enterprise in which the majority stake belongs to the Chisinau Municipal Council. Also in 2014,  Autocomtrans JSC entered into bankruptcy proceedings.

Both Eliferie Haruta and Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca have complained several times that the enterprise that manages the green spaces of Chisinau cannot meet the requirements of the city because of its small budget.  

In 2010, Eliferie Haruta declared that the trees in Chisinau are over 80 years old and require urgent cleaning works, such works take place on a daily basis, but lack of equipment and financing makes the process more difficult.

Several times, the Green Spaces faced the lack of the necessary technical equipment, transport for workers, and at times, they did not even have money for flower planting. 

After the calamities of April 2017, Dorin Chirtoaca complained in a TV show that the Green Spaces Management Association has too few employees due to the small budget, "The enterprise has about 300 employees, while it requires 3000. Since I’ve been the mayor, I have twice increased its budget. We have no possibilities, but we have to increase their budget and the number of employees should be at least five times bigger. The same refers to the technical equipment. Now, this number of employees fails to cope with the task. "

Cottage at the foot of the forest

The Harutas own half of a massive cottage, located at the foot of the Petricani forest. The other half of the house and its land are owned since 2010 by the businessman Nicolae Berezovschi.

Eliferie Haruta and his elder brother have cottages that are situated on the same street, just opposite each other.


According to the cadastral data, the head of Green Spaces ME purchased the land from the municipality in January 2002. The other piece of land with the area of ​​0.0173 hectares, which is in front of the house, has been leased by Haruta since February 2002.

casa 2.jpg

However, the house seems to have been built before Haruta became the owner of the land, and was commissioned on April 27, 2000.  

In 2007, Eliferie Haruta gave up half of his estate to his son Victor, who now lives with his family in London, and holds the position of First Secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova to the United Kingdom of Great Britain. 

If we are to judge by the cadastral map, the executive has extended his land to the forest, and there is also an auxiliary building, which is not registered in the cadaster. 

casă 22.png

Through the forest, along the real estate property that Haruta and Berezovschi share, an access road leads to the back porches of the two owners. It is on this road that several trees have been cut down.     


We would like to point out that lawful deforestation requires respecting a special procedure, imposed by the Green Spaces Management Association and the approval of the Ecological Agency of Chisinau. 

Cottage on Roman Street

The family’s house on Roman Street, which is in close proximity to the Supreme Court, looks a bit more modest than the cottage in Petricani; it has two levels and a loft. 

The surface area of a level is just a little over one hundred square meters. The land was purchased on April 15, 2002, and on September 29, 2004, the house was finished and commissioned.

casă 3.jpg

Lângă poartă este amplasată şi o construcţie accesorie, care pare a fi un garaj. Construcţia respectivă nu am găsit-o în Registrul cadastral. 

What Eliferie Haruta says

Asked by CrimeMoldova, Eliferie Haruta said that it took him years to build the cottages.  He particularly referred to the cottage in Petricani, which according to him, he had been building since 1998. The official admitted that he sold half of the house to the businessman Berezovschi: "It shouldn’t concern you. Yes, I built the entire cottage, and when it was 60 percent ready, I sold half of it, because I didn’t have the means to finish the construction."

Asked about the road in the forest, Eliferie Haruta said the trees were grubbed down after the snowfall that occurred at the end of April: "Is there anything like that? God forbid! The trees that collapsed because of the calamity were cut and perhaps some car passed there and left traces. There are many branches there and cleaning works will continue. All the documents are fine, you can come and see."

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