In recent years, nearly half the money of the Energy Efficiency Fund (EEF) have been earmarked for approved projects on political criteria. An investigation of portal, shows that most of the money from this fund came to municipalities run by Democrats.

The "democratic" character of EEF is demonstrated by the fact that it is under the Ministry of Economy (MEC), led by representatives of the Democratic Party. Moreover, authorized companies to carry out energy audit, without which you can not get funding from the EEF are interconnected or related to employees of the Fund or of the institutions subordinated to MEC.

According to the investigation, audit revenues obtained by these companies amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, and other auditors complain of unfair competition. For 3 years, administrator of the Fund was a trader who today administers the affairs of the former Minister of Economy, Valeriu Lazar. Efficiency on political criteria. Source:

According to the investigation, in total, in villages led by Democrat mayors, reached over MDL 89 million of projects financed by EEF or about 42% of the total amount of MDL 211 million, allocated by the Fund for energy efficiency projects implemented in villages.

More details on town halls and audit companies that benefited from the money FEE on political criteria, read here.

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