After his conviction, the third hearing in the case of the former Prime Minister Vlad Filat took place on 11 October. The Court of Appeal continued the examination of the applications and requests of both parts.

This hearing was postponed, just like the previous ones.

Filat’s lawyer said that the court did not hand him the conclusion on his request to allow open hearings of the case.

"We requested public hearings and court rulings to be pronounced in open court. A week later, we read the reasoned conclusion of judges that totally rejected the conduct of public hearings and pronouncements of the rulings in public," the lawyer said. Popa mentioned that the defense would come up with a response in the next hearings and would constantly reiterate and insist on the hearings to be held publicly.

Igor Popa said the prosecutor requested to remove from the process all the appellants, arguing that there is no reason for those who appealed to participate in the hearing.

"We have made other appeals, including bringing witnesses from the Russian Federation".

Popa refers to the witnesses invoked in the last hearings, witnesses that play an important role and whom Ilan Shor referred to in his self-denunciation. "Shor refers to three people, who had allegedly held these amounts of money that reached Vlad Filat. It is untrue, we asked the witnesses to be brought to testify," the lawyer added.

Today's hearing was postponed to October 18.

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