The three witnesses from the Russian Federation, who were to testify in the case of Vlad Filat yesterday at the meeting of the Chisinau Court of Appeal, did not come to the trial.

According to the lawyer, Igor Popa, the witnesses were not present in court because there was no official invitation, issued by a judicial authority.

"The magistrates of the Court of Appeal shouldered on us the responsibility to summon the witnesses from the Russian Federation and to ensure their presence, however, the witnesses requested to be invited by a judicial authority. We have asked the court to issue a rogatory letter to the Moldovan Minister of Justice, who in his turn, had to send to Russia a demand to allow the examination of these witnesses," the lawyer said.

According to Popa, the witnesses are three women from the Russian Federation, known as Alexandrova, Noskova and Papikean, who had never seen either Filat or Shor. The lawyer pointed out the importance of these witnesses in the case, since Shor claims that through these witnesses, he gave money amounting to 320 million to Filat, for which the latter was sentenced to nine years of imprisonment.

As the witnesses were not present in the court, Filat’s defender declared that Shor’s statements were false and Filat’s conviction was illegal and unjustified, the case having a political motivation.

Vlad Filat was detained on 15 October 2015 for passive corruption and influence peddling, as he had been deprived of parliamentary immunity by a vote of 79 MPs, at the request of Corneliu Gurin. The Buiucani District Court sentenced the former prime minister to 9 years of imprisonment based on the self-denunciation of Ilan Shor.

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