The former Prime Minister Vlad Filat will be examined by the same panel of judges: Nichifor Corochii, Ludmila Ous and Maria Negru. The Court of Appeal dismissed on Wednesday, November 9, the appeal of Filat's defenders on the recusal of the panel.

The main reason that led to the request for recusal was the refusal of the three magistrates to examine the three witnesses from the Russian Federation. According to the lawyer Igor Popa, the panel of judges refused all the requests made by the defenders at the beginning of the session.

"We have repeatedly requested to summon and examine the witnesses from the Russian Federation, who according to Ilan Shor passed to Vlad Filat 320 million lei. Unfortunately, the magistrates of the Court of Appeal refused this and we asked their recusal. The judges were rude when I asked to summon the witnesses from the Russian Federation, given the fact that two of the three witnesses said they do not know anything about Vlad Filat and that they had never been to Moldova. The magistrates tried to overlook this evidence and to rush things," Igor Popa said.  

An investigation of the Center for Investigative Journalism showed that the three witnesses from the Russian Federation that Ilan Shor makes reference to in his denunciation, have never been to Moldova, did not participate in those transactions, and two of them do not even know who Shor is.

Several lawyers expressed their opinion that if it is found that prosecution witnesses are false, then Filat is to be immediately acquitted.

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