The Chisinau Court of Appeal held a new hearing in the case of the former Prime Minister Vlad Filat. This time, the lawyer, Igor Popa, said that witnesses from the Russian Federation would be heard next week.

Igor Popa said that some interesting materials and events would follow, and today the court examined several evidence of the defense, including some documents proving that Vlad Filat had no attribution to certain amounts of money that are mentioned in the sentence.

"I proved to the court that the summons of the three witnesses from the Russian Federation were legal, these witnesses were summoned for 2 November. The witnesses were evoked by prosecutors and the sentence states that Filat received 320 million lei, being the only amount that is found in the denunciation of Ilan Shor. These witnesses were never interviewed, neither by the prosecutors, nor by the court. Next week, they will come to the Court of Appeal and say whether they gave money to Filat or not," Popa said.

The lawyer reiterated, "What we have always said will come true and therefore it would mean that the entire case is framed-up."

Please note that Shor refused to make statements, claiming that it would be contrary to his interests. Additionally, the godfather of the former leader of the LDP, Ion Rusu, was heard in the previous court session. He had been sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment in the case of laundering money through Caravita Co LLC, and he also refused to testify.

Recall that the first hearing after the sentencing of the former Prime Minister Vlad Filat in Chisinau Court of Appeal was held in late September.

In late June, the Court of Buiucani District sentenced Filat to nine years of imprisonment.  He is serving his sentence in a closed-type prison. The judges deprived him of the right to hold public office for five years and have withdrew his Order of the Republic. Both prosecutors and lawyers appealed the decision of the Buiucani Court of 27 June. The former prime minister claims not guilty.

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