The scandal related to the Russian athletes doping has connections with Moldova, writes the portal mold-street, referring to a survey conducted by the publication Forbes Russia.

Thus, according to the investigation, Moldovan producers hold around 50 percent of the anabolic medications’ market in Russia.

„One of the legendary medications, used and distributed secretly in Russia, was the British Dragon, produced in the late 1990s by a factory founded by the American Richard Crowley in Thailand. Ten years later, the business was expanded internationally, but in 2008 Crowley was arrested and extradited to the US, and then sentenced. After three years in prison he was released on health grounds, but died a month after his release. British Dragon products can be found today on the market, and the brand is used by companies in Moldova, Belarus and Ukraine ", writes the Russian publication.

Crowley's business partner in Eastern Europe was Alin, a Romanian businessman, who organized the deliveries of raw materials and the production of anabolic medication in unsanitary conditions in Russia, says Dmitry Kolomoiţev, called "the king of anabolics" in Russia.

„In 2006 Alin founded in Moldova the company Balkan Pharmaceuticals, which gradually emerged from obscurity and began to deliver drugs in the hospitals of Moldova. Balkan now owns a factory in Sangera locality of approximately 15,000 square meters, which produces a wide range of steroids", writes Forbes Russia.

The publication also lists other manufacturers of steroids in Moldova, such as Euro Prime Pharmaceuticals, Vermodje and Evolution Pharmaceuticals.

The "King of anabolics" states that Moldovan producers would hold a 50% market share in Russia anabolics and the Polish producer Jelfa and the Chinese company Zhengzhou are its competitors.

We remind that in March this year on the corruption map of the portal was made a complaint about the illegal business with anabolic substances, involving several persons and public institutions. The notification stated that the EU member states, most CIS countries and the USA prohibited these substances for administration and production, while in Moldova, their legal status is not clearly defined.

Two of the three companies mentioned in the investigation of Forbes Russia were listed in the notification: Balkan Pharmaceutical and SC Vermodje, while Russia was among the destinations mentioned in the referral.

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