Former Democratic chairman of Ialoveni District Council, Lilian Popescu, investigated in a case of extortion of 180,000 euros, could escape the accusations.

Vladimir Balaur, the person that notified law enforcement bodies that Lilian Popescu had claimed 180,000 euros to favor his company in the public tender for the construction of a conference center of the European business headquarters in the village Ruseştii Noi, Ialoveni District, decided to change his testimony in the investigation.

Viorel Morari, head of Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office, said that Balaur now denies that the former district council chair had claimed money from him to favor his company at auction. "The cause of change in statements during the investigation has been sent to court. Depending on court's decision, if it acquits or condemns him, we can move forward with the investigations in Popescu’s case," Morari said for portal Anticorupţ

According to the prosecutor, Balaur is facing today other problems, too. A court sentenced the businessman for swindle in especially large proportions in a case pertaining to his previous activity, the same source claims.

We remind you that on 28 October 2015, anticorruption prosecutors and NAC officers searched the residence of the former chairman t of Ialoveni District Council in a case of extortion 180 000 euros from the manager of a local company. The former chairman of the District Council was not found during the search, so he was pursuit and later he voluntarily appeared at NAC.

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