Former Police Commissioner of Chisinau, Vladimir Botnari, prosecuted for negligence during the events of  April 7, 2009, has been recently hired as head of the Security Directorate of Moldtelecom, informs.

Contacted by reporters of our news portal, Vladimir Botnari refused to provide details about the conditions of his employment and his duties.

Neither the press service of Moldtelecom has yet offered details about the new official.

According to the source, Vladimir Botnari fulfilled several important positions during the Communist rule. He was a Police Commissioner in Falesti and Soroca, commander of the Special Forces Brigade, vice-minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Head of a department in the Agency for Construction and Territorial Development, vice-minister of transport. Botnari’s most important position was that of general commissioner of Chisinau, which he held until 2009, when the rule of the Communist Party came to its end.

Botnari, as a former Police Commissioner of Chisinau, together with Gheorghe Papuc, ex- Minister of Internal Affairs, was tried for negligence during the protests of April 7, 2009, resulting in the death of Valeriu Boboc. In June 2015, the Supreme Court acquitted Botnari, after the Court of Appeal sentenced him to 2 years of probation and Gheorghe Papuc to 4 years of imprisonment. The two have been withdrawn the ranks of general.

Botnari’s name was mentioned in journalists’ investigations about his wealth.

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