Four men were detained by the law enforcement authorities for drug production and marketing, namely  marijuana, with a total value of 1.5 million lei.

The suspects were detained in Telenești district while they were working on drug packing, which were to be marketed in the Russian Federation.

The press officer of the National Investigation Inspectorate, Diana Sochircă said that the group members are aged between 36 and 39, and are residents of Telenești district.

Sochircă stated that “The suspects worked for three years. Previously they were suspected of similar acts of hooliganism and marketing of drugs. We know that they marketed their drugs in Italy as well. Currently, legal actions are taken to determine other possible members of the group or people who had collaborated with them.”

According to the police, the suspects established a laboratory in an unfinished house from Telenești city. There were a drying equipment for cannabis plants, equipment for selection and cutting the more valuable parts of the plant, an electronic scale, packaging for transportation of drugs in disguise, and other items demonstrating that the group have a well established organization, each member having their well-defined roles.

During the police searches there were found and confiscated 15 kg of marijuana, ready to be transported somewhere outside the country, and several cannabis plants that were to be processed. The total value of the detected drugs is about 1.5 million.

The people were detained for 72 hours and will be brought to the court to request the application of preventive measure of arrest for 30 days.

A criminal investigation was initiated on this case for “for illicit drug trafficking their ethnobotanicals and analogues, for the purpose of alienation”. If found guilty, the suspects are facing from 7 to 15 years in prison.

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