The police officers have discovered a clandestine casino, located in a street in the Center District of the capital. The owners of the casino did not have legal documents that allow carrying out this type of activity. The illegal operation of the casino brought to the administration of the casino an imposing profit from its loyal customers.

In this context, on Tuesday evening, November 8, prosecutors, police officers and special forces agents carried out a raid and authorized searches in the casino, where they found over 70 active players and 15 employees.

At the request of the police, casino guests left the premises, however, they were documented by the investigation and prosecution officers. Thus, it was decided on the seizure and sealing of nine poker tables, chips worth over 3 million lei, playing cards, cash amounting to more than 50 000 lei, earned after the games, documents on the track of money collected and various electronic media. The premises of the casino were sealed, and all evidence was transported to the Ciocana District Police Station, awaiting a court decision.

According to the press officer of the Chisinau Police Department, Adrian Jovmir, no one has been detained so far. "Currently, we have evidentiary materials that will be submitted to the court. Subsequently, the court will decide whether to investigate the suspects under arrest or at large,” Jovmir said.

It should be noted that among the loyal customers of the casino are company directors, civil servants, and individuals of various districts of the country. "At the moment, we cannot reveal the number of civil servants detained, nor the institutions where they are working to avoid causing prejudice to the investigation. More information will be communicated to you later," Jovmir said.

The police initiated criminal cases for tax evasion by businesses and unlawful exercise of entrepreneurial activity. Currently, they have accumulated all the necessary evidence to establish all accomplices to the organization and conduct of this kind of illegal activity.

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