Ion Panait, one of the alleged intermediaries between Renato Usatii and Vitalie Proca, was released from custody. The Center District Court of Chisinau rejected Thursday, December 15 the request of the prosecutors to extend for another 30 days the arrest warrant for Panait.

However, the court extended the arrest warrants for Valeriu Malarciuc and David Davitean, both suspected of trying to obtain testimony from the killer Vitalie Proca, denying that the leader of Our Party had hired him to liquidate the businessman Gherman Gorbuntov.

Valeriu Malarciuc pleads not guilty and says that prosecutors incriminated him an attempted contract killing. Malarciuc says he is a friend of Vitalie Proca, but denies having a telephone conversation with him.

David Davitean, Proca’s brother-in-law, also pleads not guilty. Davitean’s mother and sister claim that Plahotniuc keeps David as a hostage to convince Proca to sign a declaration in his favor. "Even if Vitalie signed this statement, David was not released. We don’t understand what happened," Tatevik Davitean, Proca’s ex-wife, said.

Ion Panait, who also pleads not guilty, refrained from making any statements. His wife says that Ion had met Proca in prison, but he was released in 2007, they sometimes talked on the phone, but she knows nothing of money and her husband hasn’t been abroad.

The prosecutor Vitalie Busuioc refrained from comments.

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