Tatevic Davidyan, former wife of the criminal Vitalie Proca, has been released from custody, while her brother, David Davidyan, will stay under preventive arrest for another 12 days. The Court of the Center District of Chisinau issued arrest warrants for different terms into the names of four persons, suspected of having mediated the transmission of 600 thousand euros to Vitalie Proca.

According to the prosecutors, the sum of money was to be transmitted to Proca, who has been serving his sentence in a prison in Romania, on demand of the politician Renato Usatii to convince Proca declare that it was not Usatii, who had ordered the assassination of Gorbuntov. According to the prosecutors, 100 thousand euros had been passed to Vitalie Proca’s family, who allegedly bought several valuables on the given money.

Venera Gasparean, former mother-in-law of Vitalie Proca, claims that her daughter has been accused of having spoken to her ex-husband. She added that her daughter did not receive any money, just some toys for the three children of Proca’s.  "My daughter, Tata, cannot prohibit him to communicate with their kids; after all, they are his children, too. Why should this be a crime? A person from Vitalie's entourage brought us some toys. Doesn’t a father have the right to send a gift for his child’s birthday? And this man, who brought the toys, was arrested".

Gasparean claims that her son David never got in touch with Proca, while the latter was in detention. She added that Tata needed medical care, as she caught a cold, while being in custody. 

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