Almost all companies that have won road repair auctions in recent years are affiliated with current and former officials or politicians. Among these are former deputies and deputy ministers, current directors of agencies or relatives of politicians and senior officials.

Thus, according to a ZDG investigation, the company affiliated to the family of the General Director of the Land and Land Cadastre Agency - Lusmecon, has in recent years obtained over 10% of all contracts for the renovation and construction of roads or about 740 million lei. The head of the Cadastre and DPM member, Anatolie Ghilaş, who was also a deputy, owns more than 75% of this company through his wife. At the same time, his son is an administrator at Lusmecon, and his daughter-in-law – a member of the Board of Directors, headed by his wife.

ZDG writes that Ghilaş is the godfather of Vladimir Filat in his first marriage - with Diviricean Sandale, who would be the sister of the head of the Cadastre Agency.

Another company that enjoyed solid road repairs remuneration is Rutador. In recent years, it has earned over 730 million lei. The company belongs to businessman Nicolae Maliu. The contracts have been won with the State Road Administration (ASD). In 2014, the institution's manager, Vitalie Panurco, who signed the millions contracts (about 207) with Rudator, pledged to this firm, the case being also a matter for NIC, which found a conflict of interest and sent the materials to the NAC.

Bad-Prime is another beneficiary of public money for this sector. It concluded contracts worth over 350 million lei, following the auctions in the field. The company has a German firm among its founders, but also a former Minister of Architecture (92-94) in the Sangheli Government - Valeriu Cebotari. Another founder of Bad-prim is the son of Valeriu Cebotari - Alexandru, who, according to the source, is working at the World Bank.

Still one of the listed companies is Irinda-Prim. Since 2010, it has carried out road repairs worth more than 240 million lei. At the end of last year, the company was fined by the Competition Council with about 200 thousand lei for incomplete presentation of documents related to an investigation.

And a company, affiliated with the Lucinschi family, is on the list of companies that earn huge amounts of road repair contracts. In the period 2010-2016, Genesis International has "bloated" its accounts with over 230 million lei from the public budget. The company is owned by the brothers Sergiu and Chiril Lucinschi, the former president of the Republic of Moldova Petru Lucinschi’s sons. Chiril Lucinschi was until recently a deputy in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova on the LDPM lists. According to ZDG, the two brothers owned a similar company in Romania, controlled by two off-shore companies. Also, according to the source, in 2015, Sergiu Lucinschi was detained by NAD, in a blackmail case, involving Genesis International.

In recent years, the company has changed its owner several times, being currently controlled by the former MP on the lists of "Braghis Alliance", Vitalie Mrug and his son, Vladlen. During the period of communist rule, Mrug obtained the chair of the State Civil Aviation Administration.

Mrug's name is related to two other companies that have won road repair contracts over the last 7 years. This is the Magistral LCC, which obtained more than 80 million lei and Aspect-M, the owner of the Dniester Railway, which obtained over 170 million lei. Aspect-M is also the founder of Genesis International.

Another owner of the Dniester-led is Bogher-M, founded by the former Deputy Transport Minister, Boris Gherasim.

Large sums of money from the funds for roads was also won by Ecotehlider - over 200 million lei. The company is controlled by the businessman Nicolae Ciornii.

The list is completed with the company Nirom-Roz, owned by Nicolae Rozembac, whose son has been candidate for mayor of Călăraşi from PPEM. The company was also associated with the former communist deputy, Iurie Stoicov.

The list would not be complete without a company affiliated to officials of the City Hall of the capital. Thus, Poduri-Prim, among the founders of which is also the former Chief of the Public Transport Department of the Chisinau City Hall (until 2011), Veaceslav Ţernă, has won contracts worth over 80 million lei for the repair of some bridges over the past 7 years.

For more details, read the ZDG investigation.

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