A new hearing in the Magistrate Court of Appeal case, Domnica Manole was postponed, writes jurnal.md.

 At the hearing, the Supreme Court would consider the request of lawyers on the recusal of the panel that will examine the request on to contest the decision of SCM, which has followed the investigation into the Manole case, but the judge was announced that the hearing will not take place, in the hallway of SJC, by the head of the Secretariat of the Institution.

According to jurnal.md, the reason for that was that more magistrates were on leave and were unable to form a complete hearing.

 Domnica Manole and her lawyers say that there are several procedural irregularities, especially since there was no exact date announced for the next hearing.

We remind that Domnica Manole is prosecuted after she passed a decision obliging the CEC to initiate a referendum on the election of the president by the people, at the Truth and Dignity Platform initiative. Prosecution was initiated by Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office after the Superior Council of Magistracy (SCM) has given its consent on 31 May. Now the judge is trying to challenge this decision of SCM.

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