The Interim General Attorney, Eduard Harunjen, is one of the six candidates for the leadership of the General Prosecutor’s Office. It is said that Harujen and Viorel Morari, the head of the Anticorruption Prosecution, have the best chances to reach the chair of the General Attorney of the Republic of Moldova, named for the first time ever after a public competition.

Harunjen began his career when he was only 20 years old, as a police investigator in the Central sector of the capital. He worked as a police officer only 2 years because in 1994, he starts his career as a prosecutor, being hired as the prosecutor of the Chisinau Prosecutor’s Office. At only 24 years old, he is promoted to General Prosecutor’s Office, as the prosecutor in the investigation and supervision department of criminal investigation bodies of the Minister of Interior, and at 26 was named the deputy head of the department mentioned earlier. From this moment Eduard Harunjen only holds managing positions in the Prosecution. In 2013 he started the management of the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office, and two years later he was named the First Deputy of the General Prosecutor. Since March of 2016, he holds the position of the Interim General Attorney. Some say that Harujen owes his successful career to the former General Attorney during the communist era Valeriu Gurbulea, who is also Harujen’s godfather.

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It is known that Harunjen wants a good relationship with the media, he was one of the few prosecutors, responding to journalists' questions when called directly.

Also, Harujen displays the image of an honest official. But the investigations show that Harujen might not be as honest as he claims to be.

A house worth millions of lei

The prosecutor Eduard Harujen lives in a house worth millions of lei in the so-called Ciocârliei district from Chisinau, which became famous for Voronin family’s properties. The Interim Attorney General lives next to two business women, Elena Turanskaia and Valentina Iarumova, and next to the elite lawyers Igor Poţeluev and Ion Vîzdoagă. The neighborhood is very well guarded, almost very intersection has speed bumps and a security guard. Although the road is public, the access to it of those who do not live in the area is limited.

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Harunjen family home has three levels, the latter being actually an attic. The yard is well-kept, and in the back of the house Harujen had even some vines. The prosecutor has a Finnish bath and a glass-covered pool in his yard. The house is guarded by a race dog.

According to the income statement signed by the Interim General Attorney, the house is only 123 square meters and costs less than a miliom and a hundred thousand lei, or around 50 thousand euros, while real estate experts argue that the price of such houses start from 200 thousand euros.

In the lad register, the property of Harujen family is registered as having just about 66 square meters.

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The prosecutor said several times that he sold the apartment, which he received in 1995 from the state and together with the money earned from his wedding,  he built his house.  We would like to note that in 1998, when Eduard Harunjen began to build the house, the price of a one-room apartment was about four thousand dollars, and a three-room apartment was about 9-10 thousand dollars.

According to land registry documents, the house was put into operation in 2011.

Only a 15 million lei land

Unlike his other neighbors, who have five acres land around their house, the General Attorney can be proud that his household is spread over ten acres. In the income statement he indicates that he has received five acres, which he estimated at just over four hundred thousand lei, in July of 1998 by a decision of the Chisinau City Hall.

Harunjen claims that he purchased the second field in 2000 with only 15 thousand lei. According to the land register data, the prosecutor officially owned the land only after 5 years, following a lawsuit.

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According to real estate experts, the price of an acre of ground for construction in the area where the Interim General Attorney lives, is at least 14 thousand euros. So, the land on which his household is located, is at least 140 thousand euros.


What did Harunjen do with the apartment offered at a preferential price?

In 2008 Eduard Harunjen received a 117 square meters apartments at a reduced price in a “prosecutor’s bloc” from Nicolae Sulac street from Chisinau. The block with 208 apartments, which was built on land provided free by the Chisinau City Hall, was commissioned in 2008. According to the General Prosecutor’s Office, half of the apartments were sold to prosecutors, at a preferential price of 270-330 dollars per square meter, depending on the chosen floor.

Eduard Harujen has never mentioned about this apartment.  But it is quite known the fact that the majority of the prosecutors who have benefited from low-cost flats in the block located on Nicolae Sulac street, have sold them at the market price. 

Harunjen's cars

Eduard Harunjen declares the possession of a Volvo car manufactured in 2003, the estimated value of which is 84 000 500 lei. In 2015, the prosecutor's daughter, Adelina Harunjen becomes owner of a Mercedes car.

Harujen family’s income

The family of the Interim General Attorney, the members of which are all lawyers, live on their monthly salary. The prosecutor’s wife Adela Harunjen, has the highest salary from the family.

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Adela Harunjen Source:

Eduard Harunjen’s wife, who is the head of the legal department of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, received in 2015 a salary of 206 563 lei. In 2012, Adela Harunjen’s salary was just over 103 000 lei.

Eduard Harunjen had a lower salary than his wife, of 141 300 lei, about 40 thousand more than he received in 2012.

Since last year, the only daughter of the Interim General Attorney also started working. Adelina is a jurist in the Milestii Mici Winery, Ialoveni siatrict, her mother's native village. His daughter helped the family budget with 19 560 lei.

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