We continue series of articles about the public procurements in 2015 and now describe a number of companies officially owned by ministers and others officials that had won many auctions in 2015.

We’re talking about the Digricom (the deputy from the Liberal-Democratic Party deputy Gregore Cobzac holds there the 12% share, the JSC Constructorul (the deputy from the Communistic Party Vasily Panciuc holds there 215 shares; he’s also the former Mayor of Balti district), the Vlados-Com (there were articles about this company and its public acquisitions in 2016), the Glavirux and the Daac Hermes (the article about 2015 income declarations from Ministry of Health).

In 2015 the Digricom signed only three additional agreements on procurement contracts concluded previously. Their value was about 1 million lei. The Digricom earned millions in previous years: there were signed more than 50 contracts for 25.2 million lei.

grigore-cobzac.jpgLiberal-Democratic Party deputy Gregore Cobzac/ source: avere.md

According to the Cobzac’s official CV published on the official website of the Parliament, he has being been the company’s manager from 2002 until now.

Almost all the contracts were signed in Hincesti district (municipalities, local councils, educational and medical institutions). The geographical area of signed contracts is not accidental. Besides the fact that the company is registered in Hincesti district, it is suspicious that Cobzac is also the president of the territorial office of the Liberal-democratic Party of the city. Also Cobzac was elected a Mayor of Hincesti in 2011, but he gave up the position in favor of being deputy.

Another company’s employee was a candidate for Mayor of Hincesti in 2015, but obtained only a mandate of local councilor.

Cobzac said there was no conflict of interest because Digricom’s activity was done in accordance with the law.

According to his wealth declaration, Cobzac owns a 50% share in the Renerg, another 50% is owned by his brother. According to the Public Procurement Agency’s data the Renerg hadn’t won any public tender.

The JSC Constructorul (the deputy from the Communist Party Vasili Panciuc holds there 215 shares according to his income declaration), signed 3 contracts for about 2.8 million lei in 2015. All the three contracts were concluded with the Balti municipality, where Vasili Panciuc was the city’s Mayor for several terms. In previous years this company has also concluded several contracts with the state.

vasili-panciuc.jpgDeputy from the Communistic Party Vasily Panciuc/ source: avere.md

According to his wealth declaration, Panciuc holds 320 shares in the Banca de Economii bank.

The Vlados-Com company is associated the deputy from the Democratic Party Oleg Sirbu. This company signed 224 contracts for 12.8 million lei in 2015.

The DAAC Hermes company is associated with the deputy from the Liberal Party Ion Apostol (owns 304 shares) and with the deputy from the Socialist Party Eduard Smirnov (owns 464 shares). This company signed contracts of 1.8 million lei in 2015. The Daac Hermes’ contracts with the state value is about 14.4 million lei in 2015.

The Minister of Health Ruxandra Glavan’s company Glavirux signed 12 contracts of about 320 thousand lei. The official said she had alienated the company when she became the Minister.

avornicii.jpgAna and Gheorghe Avornic (member CSM)/ source: nunta.md

Half of all the money for food services won by just one company

There are companies that participate and permanently won public acquisitions for food services in Moldova.

84 million lei were spent for food services. Almost a half of this amount was won by the Artprest Grup, which signed 1230 contracts / agreements of 43.6 million lei in 2015. Since the beginning of the year, this company had agreements only for decreasing the amount of money previously contracted.

ziarul national.jpgSource: ziarulnational.md

The company was founded by Gututui Mihail, whose name is not listed as a founder of others companies.

Among the beneficiaries of public acquisitions for food services are the companies we mentioned in our articles: Sanex-Comert, Slavena Lux, Serviabil and others.

Millionaires from just a single contract

Among the beneficiaries of the public acquisitions, there are companies that earned over a million lei from just a single contract, especially companies providing construction services.

Companies that had the most expensive contracts in 2015:

The Levprocons company signed the most expensive contract for 63.1 million lei. They should construct water supply and sewerage systems in Abaclia village, Basarabeasca district. But it's not the only one contract signed by them in 2015. The Levprocons has signed a contract with the Ialoveni City Hall of 21.5 million lei for the construction of a sewage system in the Danceni village. Besides these two major contracts, the company signed 10 more contracts / agreements of about 1.6 million lei in 2015.

The Levprocons was founded in 2003 by Sergiu Arama. The same name appears in the list of founders of Interar Broker LLC, LLC Natural Juices, Sevex-Prim and Azorescom.

The company was mentioned in the report of the Court of Accounts about the audit of legality and efficiency of funds management during the 2005-2009 period of JS Moldova-Film.

The Regal Rent signed 2 valuable contracts in 2015. First one contract was for 31.9 million lei for the constructing of a sewage system in Romanesti village, Straseni district. The second one contract was for 5.9 million lei for constructing a water supply system in Malaiesti village, Orhei district.

The company was founded in 2014 by Galina Volosciuc with an office in Chisinau. Galina Volosciuc’s name also appears as a founder of the MCA-Broker.

Since the beginning of this year, Regal-Rent has already signed three contracts of 9.2 million lei.

The joint venture company Moldantigrad  signed a contract of 31.8 million lei for purchasing rain rockets.

The Altcom-Impex signed a contract for 27.9 million lei for constructing of a kindergarten in Singera village, Chisinau district. The company had signed two more contracts worth 18 million lei one and about 200 thousand lei another in 2014.

The company was founded in 2006 by Tugui Alexander, who also founded the Prim Metal Invest LLC in 2015. A person with the same name appears as the head of the joint venture company the HVBB Handels SRL.

Barzine-Cons signed several valuable contracts for 26.9 million lei and 14 million lei; they also signed 2 more contracts worth over 3 million lei each. In total the company had signed 17 contracts / agreements for 52.6 million lei.

Since the beginning of the year, the Barzine-Cons has already signed 8 contracts of 24.5 million lei (the article "The masters of 2016 public acquisitions the state made deals with”).

The Barzine-Cons was founded in 2008 by Cristina Condurachi.

The Litarcom signed 5 contracts for more than million lei each one (25 million lei, 12 million lei and 8 million lei).  The Litarcom earned 41.6 million lei in 2016 from contracts with the state.

The Litarcom was mentioned in the investigation "Underground acquisitions II": the company won many acquisitions financed by the National Ecological Fund of the Ministry of Environment. One of its leaders was Gheorghe Salaru, who ensured company’s wins. The company benefited about 270 million lei from those public acquisitions.

litarcom.jpgThe potholes caused by the Litarcom in Costesti village, Ialoveni district/ source: anticoruptie.md

Moreover, the company's founder Liviu Jitari has 2 other companies that signed contracts with the state: the Avi-Bors and the Capilla.

The Laiola signed a contract of 22.3 million lei for the construction of water supply and sewerage systems in Stolniceni village, Hincesti district. The Laiola has also won 2 contracts of 105 thousand lei and 71 thousand lei.

The company was founded by 2 persons: Comanac Ion and Vizitiu Ghenadie. Ion Comanac is also associated with the Ghimcolor and the Prosper-Service (associated also with Vizitiu) companies. Ghenadie Vizitiu is also associated with the IE G.VIZITI, the Florgri-E and already mentioned the Prosper-Service.

At least 9 more other companies signed contracts worth more than 10 million lei.

Among the beneficiaries of million contracts were state-owned enterprises, universities, and private pharmaceutical companies.


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