The prosecutors reinstated Grigore Caramalac’s file based on other lawsuits issued on the names of his accomplices.

The Acting Deputy Chief of the Court for combating organized crime and special cases Corneliu Bratunov, said for CrimeMoldova “It was a very complicated thing. The main evidence which incriminates Caramalac remained in Moldova. Some kids came to Moscow. We investigated some files from the archive issued on the names of Caramalac’s accomplices, who were convicted. All these files contain a solid evidence that incriminates the Caramalac.”

The lawman also said that earlier, there was an arrest warrant issued on Caramalac’s, but it was submitted to the Russian Federation Court together with the file, on the order of Andrei Pântea, the former Deputy of the General Prosecutor. Bratunov added “The Chisinau authorities have canceled the arrest warrant and the APB of Caramalac, and we renewed these mandates”

Grigore Caramalac, also known as alias Grişa Bulgaru, was arrested in 1998 by the former Department for Combating Organized Crime of the Ministry of Interior, led by General Alexei and created on the initiative of the President at the time,  Petru Lucinschi.

The former athlete and businessman, Caramalac owned the company Boeana group, which dealt with wine exports to the Russian Federation. In parallel, Caramalac opened several sport schools.He recruited several young men from among athletes, and created a criminal group dealing with blackmail and extortion. Several victims told the investigation how they were tortured by Bulgaru’s athletes. In one of his sports schools, the policemen discovered a specially designed room for torturing the victims.

Several sources said that Gregore Caramalac was protected by Petru Lucinschi himself, and Boeana group was the main sponsor in the presidential campaign of former president. Disagreements between the two occurred after Caramalac requested additional export facilities promised by Lucinschi during the presidential campaign. Because his request was refused, Caramalac would threatened the president, and as a result Lucinschi ordered Alexei to liquidate his criminal group.

Gregore Caramalac, was initially placed in custody but at the lawyers’ request he was released with prohibition to leave the country. However, Caramalac took the plane to Moscow, first chance he got. Russian authorities have refused to extradite the interlope, because he holds Russian citizenship.

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