Since the buildings he builds covers almost the whole area of ​​more than 10 aries, Igor Gamreţki, the former Chief of Transport and Communication Directorate of the Chisinau City Hall, has extended his household borders on his neighbor's territory and little on the public administration's property in Stauceni. It is about the house, which, three days ago, CMC's socialist advisers announced that Igor Gamreţki is currently building.

The concrete fence, which constrains the household, ends on the shore of a ravine, followed by a garage sector.

According to cadastral data, the land on which the building is built has the area of ​​0.1064 ha and consists of two land purchased in 2008 and in 2015 by Gamreţki's parents.


Igor Gamreţki told the media that he is building his house on a land he received from his father at the Technical University (TUM) where he is a professor. CrimeMoldova sources in TUM confirmed that previously, the respective land was allocated by the public administration to be dustributed to TUM teachers for housing construction. In reality, however, few have come to build houses there.

Please note that among those living in this sector are the former rector of TUM, Ion Bostan, and the current rector, Viorel Bostan, deputy Iurie Darda, the socialist Zinaida Greceanii and former president of the Râşcani district court, Oleg Melniciuc, who is prosecuted for illicit enrichment .

According to the cadastral records, the family of Igor Gamreţki will also benefit from the lot with the area of ​​0,0703 aries, intended for the garden, belonging to a resident of Chisinau. Eugenia Stoicev, the mother of the former official, signed a contract with the landlord.


The fence also extends a little from the land owned by the local public administration in Stauceni.


According to satellite images, the building began to be built in 2015.

Igor Gamreţki was recently sentenced by the Chisinau Court of Appeal to three years in prison with suspension in the paid parking lot case. The court found that Igor Gamreţki was going to receive 26 percent of this deal.


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