Aliona Berdilă, the head of the General Directorate for Economy, Reform and Patrimony (GDERP) of the Chisinau City Hall, recently left for maternity leave, but she also took the service car, which seems to have become a family car for a while now. Moreover, her husband, Andrei Russu, a DPM activist, managed to legalize a garage of over 50 square meters with 600 lei, built on a public land in a strategic area.

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Aliona Berdilă became the head of the GDERP at the end of 2011, after Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca dismissed publicly Mariana Ambros, because she was trying to get an apartment.  Unlike Ambros, who has a PhD degree in economics, Aliona Berdilă graduated from the Faculty of Arts of the "Ion Creangă" Pedagogical University. After finishing her studies, Berdilă worked abroad, and then she earned money from usury.

For a few years, Aliona Berdilă was a simple civil servant in the General Directorate of Architecture and Urban Planning of Chisinau City Hall. The order for the appointment of Aliona Berdilă as Chief of GDERP was signed by Dorin Chirtoacă on December 31, 2011. On January 1, 2012, the amendments to the Law on public function and status of civil servant were to come into force, in which , among others, it is foreseen that they will be hired based on a competition.

Several sources argue that the sudden success of Aliona Berdilă's career is explained by the fact that she is a relative of Dina Ghimpu, the wife of LP leader Mihai Ghimpu. The politician did not invalidate or confirm the relationship with Berdilă. It is known, however, that Dorin Chirtoaca repeatedly defended the head of GDERP. "I was in audience at Chirtoaca and I told him that Berdilă wants money. But he told me that he stands behind her," said a man, who has been trying for years to rent a semi-detached house at the Chisinau City Hall balance, but unsuccessfully.

Incidentally or not, but in one year, in August 2013, the liberals moved to a municipality building with an area of ​​nearly 300 square meters on 15 Nicolae Iorga Street. The building was renovated from public money , shortly before becoming the LP headquarters. The political formation  is to use the building for 10 years, which is included in the State Registry as protected monument, with an annual payment of 109 thousand lei, ie 363 lei per square meter. Previously, the building was the headquarters of the Directorate for the Privatization of the Housing Fund within GDERP.

We would like to point out that GDERP has the competence to privatize housing and prepare files for the rental of buildings at the balance of the Chisinau City Hall.

The chief’s husband, Andrei Russu, is the founder and administrator of a firm that provides document service.

On maternity leave with the service car

Aliona Berdilă went on leave for child care for three years. The interim position was taken over at the time by her deputy, Vladimir Iermicioi.

Although she left for a longer period, the official "forgot" to leave the service car, a Skoda with the registration number KAW 737. The car can be seen daily next to the block on Moscow avenue, where the clerk lives.


In addition, a child seat was installed in the car.


A neighbor of the couple called the police to document the case. In reply, Andrei Russu said he did not know how the City Hall car ended up in front of the block and told the lawman not to take the denouncer seriously because he has a criminal record.

In March 2015, the Chisinau Police also documented a case in which Aliona Berdilă used the service car for personal purposes.



The case was not finalized and was examined by the former Secretary of the Chisinau Municipal Council, Valeriu Didenco, who, in turn, was seen carrying cement bags for his household, with his service car.

Moreover, a few days after that, Berdilă summons the civic activists at Hayde Park not to write about her.


In April 2015, the police documented again Aliona Berdilă’s use of the service car for personal purposes.

Aliona Berdilă was at a party with other colleagues from the Chisinau City Hall in the Bucegi Mountains in Romania.

A 600 lei garage

The Russu- Berdilă couple owns, right next to the block where they live, a garage of 53 square meters, located behind the Soiuz Commercial Center.


The construction is registered on Auto-Respect LLC, which has as manager Andrei Russu, and the founder is a relative of the latter.

In February 2013, the State Inspectorate for Construction produces, on behalf of Andrei Russu, a report on illegal construction and the use of the building without a final decision. On July 4, 2013, Russu is found guilty by the Râşcani District Court for illegal construction, being fined with 1,200 lei. Although the Article 179 of the Code of Contravention stipulates the demolition of illegal constructions, and the representative of the State Inspection of Construction has requested this, the magistrate Iurie Potanga does not apply the rule in the case of Andrei Russu. Instead, he offers him the chance to pay only half the fine.

Neither Russu nor the Inspectorate contests the decision, and the offender pays the fine of 600 lei and gets to keep the illegal construction.

Based on the decision signed by Potanga, Andrei Russu legalizes his construction. On December 12, 2014, the building was officially put into operation, although Russu's firm had no right over the land on which the building was built. On April 17, 2015, Aliona Berdilă’s husband signs a contract with CMC on land lease for 5 years, and on August 1, 2016, he manages to privatize it.

The fight over 30 square meters

Alexandru Ganenco, an entrepreneur from Chisinau and the neighbor of the Russu-Berdilă family, leased a basement of 60 square meters from the Chisinau City Hall 19 years ago, to use it as a warehouse. 4 years later, the entrepreneur rented a 30 square meter ditch, right in the block where he lives, and opened an office supply shop.

Ganenco submitted in 2013 a request to the GDERP, to privatize the room he used as a warehouse. He received no answer for two years, and when he inquired about this situation, a Berdilă’s subordinate told him that he would be able to privatize the room only if he gave Andrei Russu the shop. According to Ganenco, Andrei Russu would have been looking for the headquarters of his document service firm.

Andrei Ganenco had only lost in fighting with the Russu- Berdilă family. The lease of the room of 60 square meters was canceled and the court decided that Ganenco's company would pay 250,000 lei in the City Hall's budget. The enterprise does not have such money, so it could be declared bankrupt. As a consequence, the entrepreneur could be left without his shop.

Ganenco claims to have published several illegalities that Russu and Berdilă would have committed. As a result, Andrei Russu came to him in the store to discuss the matter and assaulted him. Later, the City Hall chief filed a complaint with the police, and Ganenco is sentenced to two years with suspension.


"In reality, I'm the injured party. He destroyed my shop window. I presented the audio recording of what happened in court, but the court rejected it as evidence. That's how I ended up with a criminal record, without actually committing a crime," the entrepreneur told us.

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