The magistrate Anatolie Minciună from the Chişinău Court of Appeal, the owner of a luxurious villa in Truseni, recently came into possession of an apartment in a newly built block on Ceucari Street. The judge has managed to buy the apartment at a reduced price, after making a claim that he needs to improve his living conditions because he lives in a modest 50-square-foot cottage.

Anatolie Minciună has been working in the judiciary system for more than 25 years. During this time, the magistrate's name appeared several times in the press as a subject of scandals related to his integrity, and he managed to get out clean every time.


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Minciună says he does not know how much his properties are worth.

Minciună’s "modest house"

Anatolie Minciună declares in 2015 that he lives in a 50 square meter holiday cottage in a suburb of Chisinau.

In the declaration of wealth and personal interests for 2016, Minciună says he has built his villa for 12 years and does not know what the price of the property is.

Anatolie Minciună’s villa is situated on the territory of a fruit-growing territory of the commune Truseni, which allows the magistrate not to pay taxes for the real estate but only for the land, which has an agricultural destination. The building, with two levels, seems to have a surface much higher than the one declared.


The villa has an area of ​​18 ares, and on this land the magistrate has set up a resting park, installed a few hives and built a greenhouse. Anatolie Minciună says he doesn’t know the value of the land either.

According to the cadastral data, Minciună’s household is located on three agricultural lots, which were procured during the period 1998-2000, when he was the vice-president of the Râşcani District Court in Chisinau. We point out that Minciună claims in the Statement of Income and Interests that he has taken possession of the land and started to build his house in 1990.


Apartment at low price

On April 25, 2017, Anatolie Lienie becomes the owner of a 70 square meters apartment  in a newly built block on Ceucari Street.

apartament Ceucari.jpg

Some of the apartments in this block were distributed at a reduced price to judges that didn’t have a place to live and needed to improve the living conditions. The list of this category of magistrates included Anatolie Minciună.


On March 30, 2017, with less than a month to get possession of the house, Anatolie Minciună declared that he paid the construction company BasconsLux, 465,183 lei. Thus, the magistrate paid for the Ceucari apartment just over 330 euros per square meter, while the company sells the apartments at least 520 euros per square meter.

Landlord at Briceni and owner of vineyards near Chisinau

Anatolie Minciună owns a vineyard of 66 aries in the outskirts of Gratieşti commune, next to the route leading to the capital. The land was procured during the years 2010-2014. As in the case of the villa and land in Truseni, the magistrate declares that he does not know the value of the land.


Anatolie Minciună says he does not know the value of the 15 hectares of agricultural land in Criva village, Briceni district, which he claims to have procured during 2000-2011.

At the same time, between 25.08.2011 - 25.12.2013, Anatolie Minciuna pledged this land for 275,000 lei to Moldova-Agroindbank Commercial Bank.


Rejected by Voronin, supported by system and subject to several scandals

Anatolie Minciună was appointed judge at the Chisinau Court of Appeal on February 28, 2008. The President Vladimir Voronin twice refused to promote Minciună on the grounds that he had problems of integrity but eventually yielded to insistence Superior Council of Magistracy.

In a letter to the Superior Council of Magistracy in May 2007, Vladimir Voronin brought several serious allegations to Anatolie Minciună, especially that the property and expenses did not correspond to the magistrate's income. According to the document, the magistrate owned six transport units: Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Sharan, Opel Corsa (two units), BMW 318i and BMW 520i.

In 2005, Anatolie Minciună’s son, Sergiu, who was only 20 years old, becomes a co-founder with 25 percent stake in Ilagro Promils Ltd.

One of Voronin's allegations to Minciună was also that he acquitted David Mereşinschi, alias "Debil," a criminal authority, and the members of his group, accused of blackmail.


Arrested in the mandate of magistrate of the Chişinău Court of Appeal, Anatolie Minciună continued to be the subject of several scandals. One of these is the case of the State Enterprise "Registru" versus "Intercomsoft LTD", in which the former was obliged to pay to the foreign company damages of 7.8 million dollars. In 2013, Justice Minister Oleg Efrim asked the Disciplinary Board of the SCM to initiate disciplinary proceedings against 7 judges, including Minciună. The magistrates were charged with admitting a number of irregularities in the examination of the file, such as: violation of material rules, termination of relations and lack of contractual powers for Intercomsoft LTD, breach of procedural rules for admission to consideration of counterclaim, non-payment of state fee for counterclaim , Infringement of the extinctive limitation period, lack of impartiality of the court, lack of a contract for assignment of debt, lack of powers to sign the counterclaim, breach of the rules of jurisdiction in the examination of the case. However, the magistrates have not been disciplined.

Similarly, Anatolie Minciună is also on the list of the current Minister of Justice, Vladimir Cebotari, which includes almost 40 former and current officials to be sued for the recovery of public budget damages as a result of the Republic of Moldova losing its cases at the ECHR.

The name of Anatolie Minciună also appears on the list of participants in the scandalous hunting in the Princely Forest, December 28, 2012, just one day after Sorin Paciu was shot there.

In August of 2015, a corruption case brought him again to the public opinion. A trainee lawyer is arrested for extortion of 15,000 euros from a citizen, part of a civil file. The defender told his victim that the money was going to reach the judge Minciună, who would settle the litigation for his benefit.

Initially, the man gave five thousand euros, and the next day, Minciună adopted the favorable decision. Although investigations and searches were carried out in the Minciună’s office, no evidence was found to incriminate the magistrate.

On February 17, 2017, for his work on the realm of justice, Anatolie Minciună was awarded the Honorary Diploma of the SCM.

A few days later, on February 28, 2017, Anatolie Minciună is included in the list of judges specializing in judicial control over the activity of testing professional integrity.

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