Magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) made public their revenues and acquisitions for 2016. With salaries of tens of thousands of lei per month, and in some cases, with large pensions, almost half of the judges acquired new cars, some received generous inheritances and others sold their cars at ridiculous prices.

According to the declaration for 2016, judge of the SCJ, Iurie Bejenaru, inherited over 500,000 lei through a will. The judge obtained another 600 thousand lei by selling a plot of land and a BMW.

The BMW was allegedly sold for 300,000 lei, even if, judging by the statement for 2015, Bejenaru purchased it in 2013 for 240,000 lei.

Bejenaru also inherited a plot of land worth over 460 thousand lei and a house worth 420 thousand lei with building accessories of about 150 thousand lei. Also in 2016, the judge bought a garage of 244,000 lei and a Mercedes of 520 thousand lei.

Tamara Chisca-Doneva says she sold a Mercedes for 10 thousand lei, although in her statement for 2015, she stated that its value would be 50,000 lei. The judge sold two plots of land for 100 lei each, one for 5000, one for 6100 and another for 1500 lei. Also in 2016, Doneva received by inheritance other four plots of land, the value of which is not indicated. The judge received by inheritance a house and two accessories. Their value was not indicated either. In 2016, the judge also contracted a 300,000 lei loan.

Judge Ala Cobaneanu says that besides her income of nearly 500 thousand lei from salary, pension and teaching activities, she obtained 40 thousand euros (about 880 thousand lei) from the sale of a real estate property.  The judge does not say what property it was, but judging by her statement for 2015, Cobaneanu must have sold an apartment in 2016. However, in 2015, the judge indicated that it cost over 300,000 lei.

Besides salaries, judge of the SCJ, Iurie Diaconu, declared in 2016 an income of 1.4 million lei from the sale of a dwelling house and nearly 200 thousand lei from the difference of a dwelling exchange contract. Instead, he bought a new house worth 1.1 million lei.

Judge Svetlana Filincova also sold some goods in 2016. She declares an income of 270,000 lei from the sale of a property, without specifying what it was. Last year, the judge bought a new Toyota Auris, for which she allegedly paid 50,000 lei.

Judge of the SCJ Dumitru Mardari has six new plots of land in 2016, some obtained by legal succession, others by will, and others were purchased. Their total value is over 150 thousand lei. In addition to the land, Mardari also inherited 2 flats, one worth over 700 thousand lei and another over 400 thousand; a house of just over 11 thousand lei, a garage of about 40 thousand lei and 11 buildings worth a total of about 70 thousand lei.

Another judge who says he sold a Toyota Avenis for 10 thousand lei is Sveatoslav Moldovan. The magistrate instead bought a Skoda Octavia for 8,000 Swiss francs (over 150,000 lei) and over 20,000 lei.

Judge Petru Moraru declares that he obtained a construction permit for a real estate property worth over 200 thousand lei in 2016. Also in 2016, the magistrate obtained a Toyota Land Cruiser. Moraru contracted five loans, but did not indicate their value. In addition to the salary, he earned more than 100,000 lei from the lease of an uninhabitable room.

Magistrate Ghenadie Nicolaev enjoyed generous donations in 2016. He obtained tree 3 plots of land, one apartment and one dwelling house. However, according to the statement, their total value is just over 50 thousand lei.

Judge Oleg Sternioala declared that his wife had received a donation of 10,000 euros. In 2016, he acquired three plots of land, inherited 1/6 share of a house of 1.1 million lei and bought ½ of an apartment worth over 35 thousand euros. At the same time, at the beginning of this year, the magistrate also obtained by inheritance a share of 1/12 of an apartment, 1/6 of a garage and 1/6 of a stake. The value of the latter assets is over 60 thousand lei. The magistrate also declares that he obtained a Skoda Superb, manufactured in 2016. However, its value is not indicated.

Galina Stratulat is another judge of the SCJ, who in 2016 sold her car. She indicates that she received 400 thousand lei for it. It seems to be a Hyundai, purchased in 2013 for 375,000 lei, and which was mentioned in the statement for 2015. The judge bought instead another car of the same model, manufactured in 2016, for which she allegedly paid 550 thousand lei.

In 2016, Judge Nadejda Toma has a new KIA Sportage, allegedly obtained by mandate. The value of the car is not specified. 

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