At a press conference prosecutors opened detailed information about the investigation into the attempted assassination on Gorbuntsov. The Prosecutor Valery Bodean confirmed the arrest of two people under this case.

The Prosecutor Vitaly Busuioc said that one of the detainees had planned to affect Vitaly Proca, that he gave false testimony about the attempted assassination on German Gorbuntsov. "The suspect fled to Romania, paid a visit to the prison, where Proca is placed, and handed him a tape recorder to record the readings. Subsequently, the suspect went to Moscow, where he met with the beneficiary of these false statements, who was going to put the investigation in the wrong direction. The detainee received 100 000 euros, part of which he spent on buying things, and the other part he gave to Proca's family. According to held evidences (phone records, seized documents and images), it was established that the amount was aт advance of 600 000 euro. The detainees confirmed the information,"- Busuioc said. 

Investigators said that the detainees are cooperating with the investigation and has already pleaded guilty.

The Head of the Special Operations Department of the National Inspectorate of the Investigation Ministry of the MIA Ruslan Petrushenko said: "Indeed, there was the concept according to which a criminal offense had to be committed. On the phone of the suspect negotiations were recorded. Newly acquired tangible assets, including luxury cars, have been found."

Bodean confirmed the prosecutors' trip in the UK: "It was an official visit. Part of the law enforcement officials group, which went to Britain, met with a group of detectives, who are investigating a case of attempted assassination on Gorbuntsov in London. Our investigators talked with Mr. Gorbuntsov."

As for the Gorbuntsov's charges against Usatii regarding the stolen shares, the Prosecutor said that the investigation is underway.

"We are not engaged in politics, but we are investigating a criminal act. We do not comment on media Gorbuntsov's statements," - the Prosecutor Valery Bodean explained.

More information will be presented on the termination of the investigation.

Criminals may face from 15 to 20 years of imprisonment, depending on the degree of complicity.

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