Vladislav Corcodel, head of a department within the Fraud Investigation Directorate (FID), allegedly holds a safety deposit box full of money. Investigators found a safe, containing 70 thousand euro mixed with dollars and receipts into the names of third parties, officially managing the money.

Corcodel is wanted as part of the "50,000 euros bribe" case.

Deschide.md writes that the officials are to carry out searches to identify other safes in the bank, belonging to the civil servant. The source also informs that, though he is wanted, Corcodel managed to resign from the position he held in the FID.

A request to this effect reached the heads of the General Inspectorate of Police, but they have reasonable suspicions that the signature on the document is false.

"The letter of resignation was submitted by a third person. Visually, there are signs that the signature might be fake. The signature on the letter of resignation will be compared to the original one. If it turns out that the signature is fake, a criminal case will be initiated, in accordance with Article 361, Criminal Code of the RM.  Additionally, an internal investigation has been started due to his failure to come to work," press officer of GIP, Natalia Bucur-Bandas, told for deschide.md.


It is known that Vladislav Corcodel is on very good terms with some women that are illegally selling gold in the street, as well as with the vice director of ISS, Ruslan Munteanu (Valeriu Munteanu’s brother, Minister of Environment).

Recall that three persons, including Vladislav Corcodel, are prosecuted for passive bribery. According to Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office, the suspects allegedly extorted from an economic agent 50 000 euros to cover up a smuggling case.

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