Iurie Chirinciuc asphalted the portion of road from Sculeni - Ungheni road to Lefcons-агро LLC, his undertaking. Rehabilitation of the road portion cost the state budget 8.5 million lei. 

The road connects the village of Floreni, Ungheni District to Ungheni-Sculeni highway and has a length of 3 kilometers.

Rutador, the undertaking that appears in a report of the Court of Auditors, executed the works. The firm was selected without a tender.

Heads of State Road Administration explain the lack of a tender by the fact that the decision was taken at the time, when public procurement procedure was suspended. Experts, however, qualify the situation as a breach of law that should be examined by prosecutors, according to anticoruptie.md.

Iurie Chirincuc, who holds the position of Minister of Transport and Roads since 30 July 2015, jointly with Anatolie Placinta founded, on 26 May 2003, Lefcons-agro LLC, a company with the legal address in Floreni, Ungheni District. The two purchased several hectares of agricultural land near the village of Floreni, where they planted orchards of apples, plums, cherries, and vines. Simultaneously, the company purchased the premises of the former factory of essential oils and adjacent territories, located at the entrance to the village. The premises are currently used as warehouses and refrigerators, the same source informs.

On 18 September 2015, Minister Chirinciuc signed a  directive for the State Administration of Roads (SAR), a state enterprise under the Ministry of Transport and Roads, requesting Drumuri Straseni JSC to repair the road sector Sculeni-Buciumeni -Cioropcani in Ungheni District order "to ensure access in winter."

The document also includes rehabilitation of the road that connects the village of Floreni with the road Ungheni-Sculeni. "The works will be executed and financed from funds, allocated for road maintenance, allocation of resources envisaged in the Road Fund Programme 2015", reads the available directive, signed by Iurie Chirinciuc.

The repair works and asphalting of the road started shortly after the directive wa signed.  Although the works were to be executed by the Drumuri Straseni JSC by a works contract, rehabilitation of the road was taken over by Rutador LLC, an enterprise founded and run by the businessman Nicolae Maliu. Rutador LLC had previously won several tenders, signing good contracts with SAR.

Iurie Chirinciuc refused to comment on the situation, while the interim director of SAR said the company was selected without a tender because at the end of 2015, procurement procedure was suspended. 

Anatolie Placita’s son, Sergiu Placinta, commercial director of Lefcons-agro LLC, claims that the repair of the access road to Floreni has nothing to do with the company, "It is a public road and it had to be repaired, as well as other public roads. What is wrong in repairing a road? "

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