A magistrate from Drochia Court will be prosecuted for swindle in especially large amount and false statements. In this respect, the General Attorney, Eduard Harunjen, received today the consent of the Superior Council of Magistracy (SCM) on initiating the criminal proceedings and punishing the judge.

The criminal case on the name of the magistrate was initiated based on a collective complaint filed by a group of residents from the district, who complained about the illegal actions of the judge.

According to the prosecution, between 2014 and 2015 under various invented pretexts, the judge acquired large sums of money from these people through deceit and abuse of trust. The magistrates would have received from the victims a total of 65 thousand euros and 1.1 million lei, money that she used for personal purposes.

Some of the victims were forced to resign from office and go work abroad, in order to be able to pay the money to the judge.

Moreover, according to data presented by the National Integrity Authority, the judge also committed false income statement, because she didn’t mention in the "debts" column of  the income statements for the years 2014 and 2015, the amount of money borrowed from the victims.

According to the public data of the former National Integrity Commission webpage, the only judge from Drochia, involved in the criminal investigation of the institution is Nelea Podlisnic. She was the Vice President of the institution from 2010 to 2015.

The press service of the SCM confirmed for CrimeMoldova, that the judge concerned is Nelea Podlisnic.

According to a finding act from 2015, Podlisnic stated incomplete and inaccurate data in the income statement, which is why the General Prosecutor’s Office was notified.

The National Integrity Commission found that the magistrate did not indicate in the statement of income and property for 2013, the land surrounding the residential house acquired in 2006, bank accounts (salary and credit) and the 50% share of her husband, in a firm which was in the process of insolvency.

According to the latest income statement Nelea Podlisnic owns five land pieces, a house, 2 apartments, and 3 other immovable properties. The total value of properties is estimated to 551 000 lei and 26 000 euro.

Also, the magistrate owns a Lexus car worth more than 240 thousand lei.

In the income statement for 2015, Podlisnic stated a debt of 350 thousand lei.

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