Several judges, accused in the case of Russian money laundering have been moved from the NAC isolation ward to Prison no. 13, writes.

According to the source, judges’ lawyers said they did not know the reasons for the transfer and consider the decision illegal, as people placed under preventive arrest must be detained in the NAC isolation ward.

Additionally, according to the lawyers, the transferred judges are writing complaints to the head of the prison.

Experts have also criticized this transfer, specifying that these judges’ life is threatened in Prison no. 13. According to them, judges, prosecutors and police officers should not be placed in custody together with the persons they had prosecuted or condemned.

On the other hand, the head of Anticorruption Prosecution, Viorel Morari, told for the source that the transfer was decided by the NAC administration and is explained by lack of space. Morari also said that judges do not come in contact with other prisoners.

Recall that this week, one of the detained judges died.

The judges, arrested on September 20, 2016, are under investigation for pronouncing court decisions that facilitated the laundering of about 18 billion dollars from the Russian Federation, money that subsequently reached the accounts of offshore companies.

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