More than 260 magistrates and other law officers proved the right to receive from the state free apartments in Chisinau.

Despite the owning homes, some judges require free apartments.

According to an investigation published by the Ziarul National, the judge Valentin Ilashcu received in 2011 an apartment in a new building in the capital, in the Buiucani district.


Ilashcu was offered the ​​76 sqm apartment, after the Supreme Court’s decision which ordered the capital’s Mayor to provide him with housing. The Ziarul National journalists haven’t get judge Ilashcu’s comments on this situation.

Judge George Iovu, who works in the Chisinau’s Court of Appeals, got an 72 sqm apartment, despite the fact that he owned another 60 sqm flat.

Iovu is well known due to the fact that he reduced to 12 years the imprisonment for Adrian Nichifor, who killed the policeman’s brother of Nisporeni, shooting him five times.

The Ziarul National journalists managed to contact Iovu. He said his house is located in Hinceshti, but he works in Chisinau, so he has no place to live in the capital.

Ecaterina Palanciuc also asked the City Hall to provide her with housing in capital immediately after she was appointed the vice president of the Central district court in 2011. In April 2012, she addressed to the court: four months later she moved into a new house, despite the fact that Palanciuc’s husband already owned at the time a 72 sqm apartment. She claimed in the court that her family is not provided with housing in Chisinau or elsewhere, so she needs an apartment.

While some judges enjoy free apartments, the others are still waiting

For almost a year, Anatolie Galben – one of the magistrates, who judged the youth after the events of April 7, 2009, still awaits a new apartment in Chisinau. The Supreme Court decided in April 2013 that the judge has no place to live in the capital, so he should be provided with the free housing by local authorities. And this is despite the fact that Galben have been owning for 15 years a 6 acres plot of land in the Ialoveni town, where he is building a house at the moment.

Magistrate Serghei Papuha received from the City Hall of Cimislia a 27.4 sqm apartment in 2009. In 2012, when he was transferred to court of Rishcani district, Papuha sold his property and sent to the Mayor's Office a request to provide him with free housing.

Chisinau’s authorities are required to obey the courts’ decisions

Petru Gontea.pngSource:

Petru Gontea, the head of the Department of housing and communal services and improvement of the Chisinau’s City Hall, said that when there is a court decision, the municipality is obliged to provide free apartments, even if they are needed for families with many children or people with disabilities, who have spent decades waiting for free housing.

Apartments for judges are being built with serious violations

In 2014 the court of Rishcani district has requested a plot of land from the Chisinau’s authorities to build apartments for its employees.

Oleg Melniciuc, the actual head of court of Rishcani district, told RISE MD reporters that as long as he is a head of the court, he will try to do something useful for his employees.

We’ve launched this initiative in 2007 by the then leaders. Mr. Clima – the head of the Superior Council of Magistracy, did not welcome the idea, as well as Mr. Poalelungi, who went to Strasbourg. So then everything  freezed. When I took the post, I decided to return to this idea and do something, to create good conditions for my judges

There was given a 60 sqm land area near the Musical College “Stefan Neaga”, nearby the Valea Trandafirilor. By the end of 2015 the company Exfactor Grup SRL received all the papers and is building at the moment.


Melniciuc says that even the construction contract was signed with one of the biggest companies at market, the work began with mistakes. The company has received several fines for cutting five pine trees on the territory without the permission of the environmentalists. Thus, Exfactor Grup SRL has paid a fine of 30 thousand lei.

During the work, as noted inspectors of environmental services, about 30 trees were cut down on the whole territory of the plot . The firm faces up to 100 thousand lei fine on the suit of the Chisinau’s Environmental Agency. The case is currently in court.

According to the contract with the construction company, the Riscani district court will get 52 apartments of 60 sqm each one. Judges will pay from 300 to 360 euros per sqm, which is two times lower than the market value.

In 2013, according to the poll, the most incompetent judges were working in court of Riscani district.

So the first five judges from the list of magistrates that got people’s complaints are: Selevestru Vasile, Timofei Ion și Ilashcu Valentin who owns an apartment provided by the state since 2011.

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