The lawyer Vitalie Ţaulean was acquitted in a criminal case filed two years ago by prosecutors for hooliganism. The decision was taken by the Râşcani District Court of the capital, which found that there are no elements of the offense of hooliganism.

Vitalie Ţaulean was accused by Râşcani District Court that on the 17th of October, 2014, that he grossly violated public order in the premises of the General Prosecutor’s Office. According to the prosecutors, the defense counsel entered the premises of the institution without presenting the permit,  shoved the security guard and insulted the prosecutor who was going to hear two of his defendants.

In his turn, Vitalie Ţaulean said that he presented the permit to the security guard, and that actually he was the one who got shoved by the prosecutors urging him to leave the building of the General Prosecutor’s Office, and not allowing him to defend his clients.

The lawyer Ţaulean said repeatedly that the prosecutors wanted to get revenge on him for his revelations regarding illegalities committed by prosecutors.

Coincidentally or not, the case was investigated by the prosecutor Nicu Şendrea, who became known for investigating several cases filed for hooliganism, filed against some activists inconvenient to the current power.

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