The company Ruta-Prim Ltd. founded by the former councilor of the LP in CMC and currently the director of Moldovan Railroads, is  requesting a compensation of 10 million lei damage from Moldova, Moldova in a dispute with Chisinau City Hall, writes

According to him, the dispute arose in 2010 when Mayor issued regulations on two bus routes driving to the suburbs.

An annex to decision established a free ride for certain categories of citizens. Ruta-Prim claims that during 2010-2013 has provided these services by signing this contract with the City Hall.

The rate set by the CMC would not have covered the actual travel cost and the difference had to be paid from the local budget. However, the City Hall failed to cover these costs.

A week after providing these services, Ruta-Prim asked the City Hall to compensate the lost profit, but the municipality refused "on the grounds that the Chisinau Municipal Council compensates only the costs incurred by municipal enterprises such as the Park of urban buses and Electric Transport Chisinau".

On the 29th of March, 2013, the company of the liberal filed a court request the Chisinau City Hall and General Public Transport and Communications Directorate, the collection of lost profit. According to company’s calculations, the City Hall would have to pay him damages of 10 million lei for the period of time from 2010 to 2012.

On the 11th of October, 2013 the Centre Court from Chisinau took the decision in the company’s favor, which was later maintained by the Chisinau Court of Appeal.

In November of 2014, the case reached the Supreme Court of Justice, which sent the case back to the Chisinau Court of Appeal for full trial. The new set canceled the decision of Centre Court from Chisinau and dismissed the request of Ruta-Prim company, considering it unfounded. In November of 2015, the Supreme Court of Justice declared the company’s appeal inadmissible.

Consequently, the company addressed to the ECHR, citing procedural violations in the criminal case.

Ruta-Prim was featured in a CrimeMoldova investigation "Minibuses mafia from Chisinau: raider attacks corruption scheme and abuses."

According to the investigation, Ruta-Prim Ltd is operating 8 of the most profitable routes, including 174 vans.

The company was registered in 2002 and was founded by Iurie Topală’s wife, Rodica Topală -  30% of shares, Nicolae and Natalia Boţan- 15% of shares and the other 55% of shares are registered on SC Ruta-Prim Service Ltd.

According to documents, SC Ruta-Prim Service Ltd. was founded by Topală Rodica- 95% of shares, and Iurie Topală - 5%. The company was registered in 2007, which is five years later than Ruta-Prim SRL was registered.

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