Adela Andronic, the magistrate, who contributed to damaging the budget of the National Bureau of Motor Insurers (NBMI), could be dismissed. The Supreme Council of Magistrates filed such a petition to the President Nicolae Timofti.

Judge Andronic is accused of having taken a decision, which suspended the work of the new management board of the Bureau of Motor Insurers for two months. During that period several financial operations were carried out, which resulted in damaging  the Bureau with over 25 million lei, money that was provided for our country's guarantee fund, established by the International Green Card Council of Bureaux.

ssss.jpgRecall that in late May 2015 the Green Card Council of Bureaux in Brussels decided to suspend Moldova from the international insurance system as of 1st October 2015. Subsequently, it was decided to postpone the final decision until 1st April 2016. Meanwhile, authorities in Chisinau had to fulfill an action plan, approved by Brussels.

The penalty arose from frauds, recorded in the Moldovan insurance system. The National Bureau of Motor Insurers failed to timely submit the external guarantee of 4.2 million euros. After some dubious transactions, the institution was unable to make any payments, which led to a damage of 25 million lei.

Green Card Scandal and Dubious Decision of Magistrate Andronic

In 2015, the judge suspended for two months the activities of the new management board of the Bureau of Motor Insurers, elected on January 13, 2015. Meanwhile, branches of two banks in the country, Moldindconbank and MoldovaAgroindbank, recognized Oleksandr Pinchuk, a Ukrainian citizen, as an interim director of the association. According to Iurie Filip, Vice President of the National Commission of Financial Market, Pinchuk and Andronic were accomplices.

"Following the court decision, in January, the powers of the new executive director of NBMI, Mihai Manole, were suspended by Judge Andronic; later the decision was canceled. Meanwhile, Olexandr Pinchuk, who was brought by the former board, managed the funds of the companies that had the right to issue Green Cards. Of the three banks, which kept those funds, only one recognized Mihai Manoli’s powers. Thus, Pinchuk, through the two other banks that did not recognize the powers of the new director, converted into dollars the money of the insurance company, even if at that time, the rate was most inconvenient, and put it into foreign currency accounts, and five days later, when the dollar reached the lowest quote, he canceled them. Through these financial operations, NBMI was damaged. After that, the money is converted back into lei and placed in the same banks for a period of three years. For every converted dollar we lost five lei", said Iurie Filip for Ziarul Național (national Newspaper).

Thus, with Pinchuk's signature and authorization, NBMI was involved in very dubious transactions that consequently caused lasses of over 20 million lei and a criminal case.

In March 2015, when the Court of Appeals of Chisinau annulled the decision made by Adela Andronic and the elected director of NBMI was reinstalled, several complaints were submitted to law enforcement agencies. On 24 March 2015, the National Anticorruption Center (NAC) built a criminal case for foreign exchange transactions, carried out by the subsidiaries of the two banks and NBMI, criminal proceedings were carried out by the prosecutor of the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office, Sergiu Catan.

The prosecutor’s resolution stated that MAIB agreed that NBMI, led by Pinchuk, would transfer from its accounts 823 thousand euros to the accounts of four insurance companies: "Asito" "Moldasig", "Victoria Insurance" and "Donaris VIG". That amount was recorded as the foreign financial guarantee of the association, which subsequently was not placed and led the country to the exclusion from the Green Card system.

It was a year ago.  Since then there were no visible results registered in that criminal case. According to Ziarul de Garda, authorities say that Oleksandr Pinchuk has been wanted for nearly a year, however he has not been found yet. Although, it is known that he is a successful lawyer in Ukraine and he often appears in public places.

Later, they initiated disciplinary proceedings against Adela Andronic, the magistrate, who decided to suspend the activities of the management board of NBMI. The first submitted requests were rejected, however later, after several appeals, the first decision was reversed and she received a disciplinary penalty - a warning. Subsequently, the decision of the Disciplinary Board under the Superior Council of Magistrate  was appealed by NBMI. Thus, the Superior Council of Magistrates applied a disciplinary sanction to Adela Andronic, dismissing her from the position of judge.

The judge will be officially released from office when the President Nicolae Timofti signs the decree. However, Andronic announced that she would appeal the decision to the Supreme Court of Justice.

Do the Moldovan drivers have the right to Green Cards?

70931183f584f3c6d808062a089af496.jpgAlthough earlier, the National Bureau of Motor Insurers (NBMI) was to suspend the sale of Green Cards as of 1 April 2016, recently the Council of Bureaux, a European institution based in Brussels, the manager of Green Card international insurance system, decided to postpone the suspension.

According to a press release of NBMI, the National Bureau of Insurers scheduled a meeting for early June where they will decide whether to deprive Moldova of the right to issue such insurance policies.

Until then, Moldova has to submit monthly reports on the measures, taken to address the crisis in the auto insurance market. At the same time, Brussels has created a working group that monitors the actions of the National Bureau of Motor Insurers in Moldova.

Insurance policies that have been purchased up to date and those that will be purchased after 1 April 2016 but whose term of validity does not exceed December 31, 2016 will remain in force until they expire.

According to an NBMI press release, "The decision of the Council of Bureaux comes following the progress, made by NBMI and that of the competent authorities of the Republic of Moldova in the implementation of the action plan, agreed upon with the Council of Bureaux. The Council of Bureaux recently assessed the measures taken by the NBMI as satisfactory and the decision to postpone the abovementioned suspension aims to allow time for full implementation of the action plan".

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