Several Moldovan magistrates would receive the honorary title of veterans from the President of the Supreme Court, MihaIl Poalelungi. A proposal to this effect will be examined tomorrow by the Superior Council of Magistracy.

However, some judges are involved in various scandals because of the cases they have examined, while others are targeted in less positive journalism investigations.

The list of Mihai Poalelungi consists of Petru Ursache, Iulia Sârcu, Ala Cobăneanu and Valentina Clevadî, all of them are employees of the Supreme Court of Justice.

In April 2013, Ziarul de Gardă newspaper wrote that Petru Ursache, Judge at the Supreme Court of Justice since 2005, owns a luxury home in an elite neighbourhood in Telecentru, Chisinau. According to the investigation, the market price of such a house is about 4 million lei. According to certain calculations it was concluded that Ursache, having only the salary of a judge, would have to work 35 years in order to buy such a building. 

Moreover, Ursache is one of the judges who on 30 June 2015 voted that the former minister Gheorghe Papuc be declared innocent in April 7th case, after a trial that lasted six years.

By now, Yulia Sârcu was amid the scandal related to the case of the Republican Stadium. On April 22, 2016 Sârcu was sanctioned with a reprimand by the Supreme Court after the Ministry of Finance requested the SCM the accountability of judges "responsible for damaging the state budget in large proportions." It is about a decision of April 2015 by which the Supreme Court obliged the government to pay 14 million lei to the construction company Basconslux LLC, which is the cost for the demolition of the Republican Stadium in the capital in 2007. That even though, according to State officials, the company has been chosen without a public tender and the deadline for the lawsuit has expired. 

As it regards Ala Cobăneanu, it was written that since 2014 she would own a house and a land plot for construction in Cricova city, Chisinau municipality. The judge says she would have taken a loan in the amount of 1.65 million lei for these purchases. In addition, Cobăneanu would own a "Mitsubishi" car worth approximately 400 thousand lei. 

Meanwhile, the magistrate is one of the judges against whom citizens filed 26 complaints. However, 22 of them were rejected. 

Valentina Clevadî is a judge since 1991 and is working in the SCJ since 2006. In 2003, while acting at the Court of Appeal, the magistrate and her husband have finished building a house with an area of 238 square meters in Ciorescu village, Chisinau. The building, which has three levels, is built on a plot of about 1,500 square meters. 

In the same time, Clevadî is part of the group of judges of the Supreme Court of Justice, which decided that the state must pay a private debt of over four million lei. The European Court of Human Rights expressed itself on the illegal decision taken by Clevadî and her colleagues. Thus, the Moldovan budget escaped to be damaged by over four million lei. This after last May the ECHR issued a verdict in which a Moldovan lawyer claimed the amount of over four million lei from the state, which would be the amount the Latvian company "Aroma Floris" would be due to him, under the reason of several of his rights being violated in national courts. The ECHR judges unanimously rejected his request and considered it as "inadmissible ". 

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