The main accused in the corruption of deputies case Vitalie Burlacu, was detained on Wednesday morning by the policeman of the General Police Inspectorate (GPI)

The Deputy Chief of the GPI, Gheorghe Cavcaliuc said that Burlacu was detained in Vadul lui Voda, while he was in a car. Gheorghe Cavcaliuc said that “he was escorted to the GPI and currently, the case materials are being prepared to be handed on to the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office. More details on this matter will be provided to the media via a press release or a press briefing.”

The former policeman Vitalie Burlacu and his girlfriend Irina Baglai, were arrested red-handed in March 2014 while conveyed 250 thousand dollars to an intermediary person. The money was supposed to reach the deputy, for him to leave the ruling coalition. After being arrested for a period of time, the two accused Vitalie Burlacu and Irina Baglai, were released under judicial control.

Subsequently, on 12 July, Vitalie Burlacu and Irina Buglai were sentenced to prison. The former policeman Vitalie Burlacu was supposed to serve 11 years and 4 months in prison and Irina Buglai was sentenced to three years in prison, with probation period of two years. The sentenced was pronounced by the Buiucani Court in absence of the defendants.

The magistrates decided that Vitalie Burlacu will stay in semi-closed prison. He also received a fine of 160 thousand lei. However, the magistrates ordered the confiscation of money that were the subject of the criminal case. It is about 553 000 euros 403 thousand dollars and 48 thousand Russian rubles. Porsche Cayenne vehicle is to be returned to the leasing company.

The defendants’ lawyers have previously announced that the decision is illegal and unfounded.

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