Yesterday, a new session in the Domnica Manole’s case was held. The magistrate is seeking annulment of the order to initiate investigation against her.

The judge, as well as her defense, said that the CEC notification did not contain criminal elements so that Prosecutor General's Office had no grounds to prosecute her. On the other hand, the state prosecutor argues that the document fulfills all the requirements, communicates.

Manole says: "In the process, the General Prosecutor, or more correctly the representative of the Prosecutor General's Office, has not justified in any way the necessity to start prosecutions against me, those were just conclusions of the Supreme Court of Justice, the same position that was previously exposed by him. Today, I realized again that following the logic of the general prosecutor, exposed in the court session, any judge may become the subject of crime in case of cancellation of a court decision".

The present and former colleagues of the judge attended the session.

The next meeting was fixed for September 9, when the court will pronounce its decision on this case. 

Recall that the Interim Prosecutor General, Harunjen Eduard, accused Manole of acting with bad will, when she had decided to oblige the Central Election Commission to organize a referendum to amend the Constitution based on a petition, signed by more than 400 thousand citizens.

Previously, the Central Election Commission filed a complaint with the SCM, which says that Domnica Manole issued a "manifestly illegal" decision and intentionally produced "negative feedback in the society" and asked to take the necessary measures with respect to the magistrate.
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