A Moldovan citizen, aged 25, was detained in Moscow after he, together with other persons, physically assaulted two employees of Life portal. He was part of a group, specializing in mugging.

The Moldovan citizen is the third person detained in connection with this incident that occurred on November 12, when two men suffered multiple physical injuries after being assaulted by a group of people.

According to ren.tv, the police previously detained two other people involved, and now, they are looking for other suspects.

The victims turned out to be two employees of the Life portal. According to the police, they accidentally became victims of street robbers, who, pretending to be law enforcement officers, attacked suspected drug dealers.

According to ren.tv, our fellow citizen was taken to the investigators to decide on his remand measure.

A criminal case for causing moderate damage to the health of the victims was initiated in this respect.

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