A former Moldovan judge, suspected of involvement in "Russian money-laundering" will be investigated for issuing an illegal sentence for a crime committed in Russia. Moldovan legislation does not provide for judicial investigation and prosecution of crimes committed in other states.

The interim Prosecutor General, Eduard Harunjen, received Tuesday, November 15, the consent of the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) to initiate criminal proceedings and bring to account the former judge of the Rascani District Court for knowingly delivery of a sentence contrary to the law and excess of power, both offenses resulting in serious consequences. 

Asked by CrimeMoldova, Harunjen said the judge is in custody now. "The case occurred in the summer of 2011, concurrently with the case of “Russian money laundering." The magistrate faces up to 10 years of imprisonment," Harunjen added.

According to the prosecutors, being instigated by a group of Russian citizens, several representatives of law enforcement authorities in Chisinau (police officers, prosecutors, lawyers and judges) framed up a criminal case on the theft by deception of more than 30 million US dollars from a state-owned company in the Russian Federation. 

According to the prosecutors, initiation of this criminal case was absolutely illegal, given that the offense was committed in another country and there was no request from the competent authority of that State for opening a case in Moldova. However, in July 2011, having received this criminal case for examination, the magistrate solved it in one sitting, pronouncing the sentence to three people (including two internationally wanted citizens of the Federation Federation) on the same day, applying them vividly milder punishment than the law requires.  Moreover, the sentence was referred for execution to the local authorities of the unrecognized Transnistrian Republic.

According to the prosecutors, law enforcement officials in Chisinau acted in collusion with certain people from the Russian Federation to avoid accountability before the courts of the State where a particularly serious crime was committed.

Please note that this judge is among the 15 current and former magistrates, investigated for involvement in laundering billions of dollars from the Russian Federation through the banking system of Moldova.

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