An amount of $ 11 thousand dollars and about 100 grams of hemp were found by border guards, following an operation on countering cash smuggling and drug trafficking. The money and drugs were to reach Ukraine.

After an investigation of about 2 months, the officers of the South Territorial Directorate of Investigation found the suspects of illegal cash and drug trafficking obtained huge profits. For a single transaction, they received at least 500 dollars, but the amount can reach thousands of euros.

One suspect was arrested red-handed while trying to take the amount of 11 thousand dollars out of the country. He was detained on November 26, 2016 at Vulcanesti crossing point. Having conducted an extra check of the suspect and of his luggage, border guards discovered and seized 11 thousand dollars, undeclared money that were to arrive in Ukraine.



At the same crossing point, the investigation officers checked a bus that was following from Cahul to Bolgrad (city in Ukraine). Under a bus seat, they found a package of about 100 grams, containing several pouches with dried vegetable matter similar to hemp. The packets were sealed and transported to the expertise center.



Depending on the results of the forensic experts, individuals involved in both cases are liable to be punished by a fine or imprisonment.

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