After in several media outlets appeared a list of names of people who held positions of responsibility and in the right of each name are also some money, head of Anti-Corruption Prosecution Viorel Morari, asked the Interim General Attorney Eduard Harunjen, to verify the authenticity of the list of officials who supposedly would have been paid by Plahotniuc.

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The reaction of Viorel Morari, comes after former deputy Alexandr Petkov published a snapshot of an agreement to provide legal juristic services that Morari would have signed with companies owned or had control of people from the entourage of Vlad Plahotniuc, writes

александр петков.pngViorel Morari described as speculations the allegations made by Petkov and told the source cited that: "First of all, Mr. Petkov has several documents with my signature since the days when I was head of the department of criminal investigation and he was investigated in the case of Antifa and others. In these conditions, I do not exclude that it could be fake. Second - if he claims to have a document confirming certain illegal actions from me then he is obliged to write a denunciation on my name to the Prosecution. Third - if the denunciation will prove to be inaccurate, he is likely to be held criminally liable for libel. And fourth - if he does not write such a denunciation, he risks being prosecuted for encouraging crime of which he accuses me" said Morari.

It is to be noted that the document that Morari asked Harunjen to verify, was made public by Renato Usatîi. If the document will prove to be a false one, then the General Prosecutor's Office will examine it in the light of the criminal provisions relating to defamation and libel.

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