The Democrat Sergiu Sirbu is outraged by the fact that CrimeMoldova published an investigation about his apartment, and he claimed that a part of the block shown in the footage is actually his neighbor’s apartment. According to the Democrat, the article would have been a political order.

"All my income and family assets are public and transparent, consistently declared since 2003. I have never hidden anything, including my mortgages. Everything can be easily verified, justified and put together! I suspect that some of my initiatives and political activity are creating discomfort to some people, but I assure you that I will never give up to such pressures," Sirbu wrote on his Facebook page.


The MP is also outraged by the fact that the author of the article is Anatol Mătăsaru, and that he let his child and dog out in the cold, while he would photograph Sirbu’s block.

CrimeMoldova’s editorial states that Anatol Mătăsaru is not the author of the article and that he has nothing with editorial policy. Also, we did not intend to discredit the MP Sergiu Sirbu, for his political activity. The portal has previously published several investigations about the assets and houses of some officials, prosecutors, judges and customs officers. At the same time, we aimed to publish an investigation every week about officials’ assets, regardless of their political orientation.

In this context, we would lie to emphasize that the author of the article did not accuse Sergiu Sirbu of false statement or not declaring his assets. On the contrary, the article states that the MP took a 900 thousand lei loan in 2015, the year he received the apartment as a gift from his brother, which he would have to pay out until 2035.

As for the allegations that his neighbor's house was photographed, we would like to apologize for being wrong. We judged according to the Registry of real estate data and by the apartment’s position.

CrimeMoldova’s editorial would like to emphasize once again that the news portal is not politically engaged and does not pursue personal revenge or based on political criteria, but rather tries to ensure maximum transparency on the realities from Moldova.

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