The head of Police Inspectorate of Straseni, head of public order department, head of the criminal police and the district police officer within the Police Inspectorate of Straseni were suspended from office, according to an order issued Friday, December 2, by the leadership of General Inspectorate of Police (GIP).

The press service of the General Inspectorate of Police stated that an internal investigation was initiated in connection with the existing allegations against the police officers of Straseni for the murder of the 14-year-old girl, found dead two days ago. The aim of the investigation is to determine whether police officers of PI of Straseni undertook prompt and immediate measures and fulfilled their obligations.

Thus, upon the completion of the investigation the GIP will present details on this case. 

Two of the alleged perpetrators of the crime in Straseni were arrested for 30 days yesterday. They are 15 and 16 years old.
The lawyer of one of the minors said that his client does not plead guilty and that he was only a witness to what happened. Allegedly, the main culprit is the young man who fled to Romania.

On the other hand, the lawyer of the victim's ex-boyfriend has said that the boy partially admits his guilt, but he does not remember how it all happened because of the advanced state of intoxication.

Recall that the murdered girl was announced missing on 25 November. Two days ago, she was found dead in a house under construction, in the same locality.

All in all, police detained three young men suspected of committing the murder. They are 13 to 16 year-old. The 13 year-old boy cannot be detained. Another suspect, aged 17, had fled to Romania. According to, prosecutors contacted his parents, asking them to bring their son before prosecutors. If the young man does not show up, prosecutors will announce him in international search.

However, one of the boys had an intimate relationship with the victim. According to the available information, the victim's ex-boyfriend is a friend of the perpetrator, who robbed a bank in Straseni a week ago.

According to the prosecutors, the young men repeatedly hit the girl in the head with boards and bricks, which caused her death. Blows were inflicted after an argument that had occurred between the victim and one of the boys. It was also found that young people consumed alcohol.

Local authorities say that the four teenagers were supervised by the social worker, as they came from socially vulnerable families. Three of the suspects were previously investigated by police for thefts and robberies.

If found guilty, the adolescents risk to spend the rest of their life behind bars. 

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