The director and the two deputy directors of the National Anticorruption Center (NAC) submitted their income statements for 2016. According to them, the director of the institution raises a salary of over 20,000 lei a month, and the deputy directors of almost 20,000 . Despite generous pay, the two senior executives also have some debts.

Thus, the NAC director, Viorel Chetraru, declared a salary of over 330 thousand lei for the previous year, which is over 27 thousand lei a month. His wife, employed in Chisinau Gaz, earned a salary of over 160 thousand lei (over 13 thousand lei per month). The official did not declare new acquisitions in 2016, but declares a debt of over 140,000 lei.

The NAC deputy director, Vadim Cojocaru, raised in 2016 a salary of over 230 thousand lei (about 19 thousand monthly) and a pension of over 110 thousand lei. Also, his wife, employed at the A.Russo Theoretical High School, had a salary of over 80,000 lei. Cojocaru also declares a 300,000 lei income from the sale of a BMW X3, even if the car was procured in 2014 with 200,000 lei.



Moreover, last year Cojocaru purchased a new BMW, for which he would have paid 350,000 lei. Cojocaru did not indicate any new acquisitions except that.


Cristina Ţărnă, the second deputy director of NAC, also declares a salary of 260,000 lei. At the same time, Ţărnă also declares the income of her husband, actor and performer Nicu Ţărna, who would have earned about 100,000 lei from creative and copyright activities. Cristina Ţărnă does not declare new acquisitions in 2016, but declares 3 credits, including 2 in the current year. Their value is over 70 thousand lei and 3000 dollars.

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