12 employees with functions of driver examiners in Chisinau, SE Registru employees were suspended from office, following an internal investigation service, which revealed several irregularities in the execution of their duties. At the same time, 17 driving licenses obtained by fraud are to be canceled.

The announcement was made by the Ministry of Technology of Information and Communications, which states that it initiated these measures to exclude corruption and to ensure transparent conditions for obtaining a driving licenses.

In the preliminary investigation carried out by the Security Service and the State Enterprise Registru, following the verification of the conduct of exams for driving practical test, it was found that there were admitted unjustified qualification of candidates.

The deviations were ascertained by questionnaire counter-points penalty from each candidate, with videos and the grade awarded. They also accumulated evidence demonstrating the obtaining of the driving licenses by some candidates by fraud.

During the day, NAC and Anti-Corruption Procuratorate with the support of Security and Regime Department of SE Registru, they initiated and made searches at the both headquarters of DIÎT and at the home of some persons involved in the fostering of obtaining driving licenses. They are suspected of influence traffic.

Law enforcement actions aimed at collecting evidence that would confirm the fraudulent obtaining of the driving licenses and SE Registru employee involvement in the illegal actions.

It should be mentioned that lately the media has elucidated several cases of issuing driving licenses by bribing officials.

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