1 MDL is the amount of money required by the director of the Energy Efficiency Agency Mikhail Stratan from the NCI for defamation.

Even if both the National Centre for Integrity and Râşcani District Court stated the presence of a conflict of interest when Stratan’s company supplied equipment to the institution he leads, i.e. to the Energy Efficiency Agency, he does not consider himself guilty. Moreover, the director of the Energy Efficiency Agency says he was defamed and seeks compensations.

According to an article published earlier by moldovacurata.md, in 2013 the North Regional Development Agency (RDA North) and the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ) organized a tender for the purchase of a set of equipment for energy audit, designed for the Energy Efficiency Agency. The successful bidder was declared the company "Esco Voltage", whose founder is Mikhail Stratan. Moreover, the NCI stated that the document by which the equipment worth 36 416 euro was purchased, was authorized by proxy by Stratan.

At the same time the Commission also found that Mikhail Stratan was supposed to inform the hierarchically superior institutions, namely the Ministry of Economy, that he is the founder of the winning bidder. 

However, the director of the Energy Efficiency Agency does not consider himself guilty as he did not personally sign the contract and the tender has been organized by AEE. "Given the fact that LLC "Esco-voltage" whose founder is me, became the beneficiary of a commercial contract following a public tender organized by another institution, in my opinion, there is no conflict of interests within the provisions of art 2 of the Law No. 16 / 15.02.2008 on the conflict of interests", noted Mikhail Stratan in the explanations submitted to the NCI.

While, in early July, both Râşcani District Court and the Court of Appeal have ruled in favor of the National Center for Integrity, Mikhail Stratan asked the court for damages from the NCI, worth one MDL, arguing that the institution "damaged his authority and reputation, both in front of colleagues, subordinates, and his superior boss”. 

Even if the Court of Appeal's decision is final, it can be appealed within two months at the Supreme Court. Thus, Mikhail Stratan’s lawyer said for moldovacurata.md that the decision will be appealed to the Supreme Court of Justice.  

Mihail Stratan holds the position of Director of the Energy Efficiency Agency since the founding of this institution in 2011. The Agency is a body under the Ministry of Economy. 

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