Judges and bailiffs detained and put under accusation about a week ago for complicity in money laundering could be prosecuted for another crime- deliberate pronouncement of an unlawful conclusion, resulting in serious consequences.

In this regard, Acting General Attorney, Eduard Harunjen, today received the SCM consent to initiate a criminal prosecution and criminal liability for their other charges.

Thus, the evidence adduced by the prosecution follows a reasonable suspicion that the actions of judges fulfill the constituent elements of the crime provided by art.307 of the Criminal Code - deliberate pronouncement of an unlawful conclusion, resulting in serious consequences.

Complaints with the request for issuing the start of the prosecution for this type of crime were submitted to the CSM by the General Attorney since 20 September, along with the agreement to conduct a criminal investigation on the fact of the offense of money laundering, but the government has approved it only today.

Once the SCM agreement is issued, the General Attorney on will start the prosecution on them and have performed all actions that are necessary for complete and objective investigation of the case. For the second complaint, the defendants face up to seven years imprisonment with deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions or to practice certain activities for up to 5 years.

We remind that eighteen people, including 15 judges and three bailiffs, were detained by anticorruption prosecutors and NAC officers in a large operation, held a week ago in Chisinau, but also in other cities. The action took place in a criminal case initiated as money laundering, and was carried out with the consent of the Superior Council of Magistracy, which allowed criminal investigations, searches and arrest of 16 current and former judges and four bailiffs.

At the request of the prosecutors, 18 people were remanded in custody for 30 days, being accused for conspiracy to commit money laundering. As for the 16 judges and a bailiff, were issued ordinance of international prosecution.

Prosecution on this case is exercised by the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office.

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