Copies of a set of dossiers from the archives of the State Registration Chamber, offered for publication by an anonymous site, confirmed that Plahotniuc had used fraudulent schemes of money laundering through offshore companies, money which he then invested in Moldova. In fact, the press has repeatedly written about these schemes, but documents made public in the so-called "Offshoreplaha" scandal (the name of the blog that published the documents) prove the accusations against Plahotniuc on laundering the money coming from illegal businesses, which he subsequently invested in apparently legal businesses in Moldova.

Plahotniuc’s close friends and relatives, such as brothers-in-law, sisters and wedding godsons like Andrian Candu, his godson in the leadership of the Parliament, or Ghenadie Sajin, the current head of the State Inspectorate for Construction helped him to implement his shady schemes. Well- informed sources claim that Plahotniuc is very generous to those who serve him, which allows him to have an entourage of faithful and docile people.

The documents presented by Offshoreplaha demonstrate the simplicity of the schemes, used by Plahotniuc: money of dubious provenance is transferred to the accounts of offshore companies, created for this purpose. Subsequently these offshore companies merge with Moldovan companies, established for that purpose, repeatedly change the founders and managers, modify the statute and the statutory capital, depending on how money from offshore accounts is pumped into them.

If we contrast facts, it becomes obvious that million-worth transactions, carried out by the person, who today claims to establish order in Moldova have not been possible without the support of the three constitutional powers of the State.    

Angel-S dossier  


On 6 January 2004, the State Registration Chamber registered the company “Angel-S”, founded by Aliona Serghienco, a young teacher of 31 from Chisinau. The company had an authorized capital of 5400 lei and rendered photography services, recreation and entertainment activities, hairdressing and body care services.    

CÎS_Angel- S.jpg

On 11 November 2015, the company founder altered the statute of the organization by adding new types of activities, such as clothing and footwear trade. On 5 December 2005, Aliona Serghienco waives her share in the company in favor of Olga Dnestrean, wife of Vladimir Dnestrean, administrator of Argus -S, which is said to be controlled by Plahotniuc.



In accordance with a contract, signed by the two women on 21 November 2005, Aliona Serghienco sold the company to Olga Dnestrean for 5,400 lei, which is in fact the authorized capital of the company. Thus, we can conclude that Angel- S did not carry out any activities.   


On 8 December 2005, Olga Dnestrean appoints Veronica Peeva, a 28-year-old woman from Durlesti, administrator of the company. 

Veronica Peeva_administrator.jpg

Just a few days later, Olga Dnestrean dismissed Veronica Peeva and again appointed the former owner Aliona Serghienco the manager of the company.

The next amendment to the statute of the company occurred on 23 January 2006, when the legal address of the company was changed. 

înregistrare a modificărilor din statut.jpg

On 22 October 2007, Natalia Petuhova became the new administrator of the company. 


On 18 January 2008, Dnestrean again appointed Serghienco in the position of administrator. 

Serghienco administrator.jpg

On 6 October 2008, Tatiana Ceban took over the administration of the company.   

Tatiana Ceban.jpg

On 6 February 2009, Dorian Popa became the designated administrator. He also appears as a partner and manager of two other companies: Medis Sanatate LLC and Serad Plus LLC.

On 12 March 2009, the company engaged in a new kind of activity- rendering advertising services. On 23 April 2009, Olga Dnestrean sold the enterprise for the price of 5,400 lei to Entertainment & Publicity Investment Limited, an offshore company, registered on 5 November 2008 in Belize, Cyprus. The company was represented by Serghei Noscov, who also appears in other offshore schemes, orchestrated by Plahotniuc. Serghei Noscov’s name appears in several documents, disclosed by Panama Papers.

Noscov acted under a power of attorney, issued by Lana Zamba the alleged Director of Entertainment & Publicity Investment Limited, the document was attested by a Cypriot notary public. 

Starting with 25 May 2009, Angel- S LLC is a foreign-owned enterprise (FOE). On 19 June 2009, the Media Resources LLC, another offshore company registered in Boston, USA on 10 April 2009, just two weeks before Olga Dnestrean sold Angel-S, was included in the list of shareholders.  

Media Resources Limited Angel-s.jpg

The 5,400 lei-worth transaction was attested by the Moldovan notary public Olga Bondarciuc and the contract of purchase and sale was signed by the representatives of both offshore companies Serghei Noscov and Dorin Pavelescu. 

Contract .jpg

Currently, Dorin Pavelescu is head of the Casa Media, an advertising company, which belongs to the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc. Officially, Pavelescu is the sole beneficiary of the CTC Moldova and Super TV television stations.


The contact person of Media Resources LLC in the US is Valentin Gurvits, who in a press conference in Chisinau in 2012 introduced himself as Vladimir Plahotniuc's lawyer in the trial against Sergiu Mocanu for defamation.

Gurvits si Plahotniuc.png

Vladimir Plahotniuc and Valentin Gurvits / Sursa:

On 31 august 2009, in accordance with a termination contract, Entertainment & Publicity Investment Limited, was again included in the list of foreign-owned enterprise shareholders of Angel- S.

Angel-S - MRL.jpg

On the same day, 31 August, Serghei Noscov announced the decision to sell the stake, owned by Entertainment & Publicity Investment Limited in Angel- S to Media Resources LLC. If until that moment, the amount of transactions did not exceed 5,400 lei, this time, the value of Angel- S sharply rose to 400 thousand dollars. 


The contract of purchase and sale, drafted by the same notary public Olga Bondarciuc, was signed on the same day. Olga Bondarciuc, alongside with other 20 individuals and entities, bought the Unibank from Vienna Capital Partners in August 2012. Kroll experts note that there were contacts among these people and they acted in accordance with a prior agreement. The experts bring forth the argument that all the concerned persons bought stakes of less than five percent, borrowing money from the same companies abroad and the amounts were paid through the same Latvian banks.

Recall that over that time, Dorian Popa was the manager of Angel- S, while since 14 September 2010, the position was taken over by Natalia Cojocaru from Chisinau.

After two months, on 11 November 2010, Resources Media LLC, represented by Pavelescu, sold the Angel- S FOE for the amount of 300 thousand euros to the Dutch offshore OTIV Prime Media B.V. OTIV Prime Media B.V. is the founder of Plahotniuc’s companies that conduct business in the media sector: Media Production LLC (founder of Channel 3, as well as of several programs broadcasted on Prime TV), Telefe M International LLC (founder of 2 Plus TV station), Prime TV LLC (owner of Prime TV and Prime FM), 24h LLC (founder of news portal The same offshore company is the founder of Casa Media Plus LLC, an advertising agency holding exclusive rights to advertising on Prime TV, 2 Plus, Channel 3, Publika TV – television stations, whose ultimate beneficiary is Vladimir Plahotniuc.

Coincidentally or not, OTIV appears to stand for the initials of Plahotniuc’s family members – Oxana, his wife’s name, Timofei, his elder son, Inokentii, his younger son, Vladimir, head of the family.

The contract of purchase and sale was signed by the proxy for Prime OTIV Media B.V., in the person of Adrian Candu.    

Andrian Candu Otiv.jpg

The transaction was again attested by the notary public Olga Bondarciuc, only this time, indicating that the office is situated on bld. Cantemir 1/1, in the building belonging to the same Vladimir Plahotniuc.

notarul Olga Bondarciuc.jpg

At the request of Adrian Candu, the legal address of Angel- S FOE was transferred to bld. Cantemir 1/1. Currently Angel- S FOE is one of the most prosperous advertising companies in Moldova, with a turnover of about five million lei a year.

Finpar Invest and Codru Hotel business


Finpar Invest, is the oldest and most influential company, controlled by Vladimir Plahotniuc that owns the Codru Hotel.

Andrei Ursachi

Throughout its activity, Finpar Invest, which has a registered capital of over half a billion lei, had as shareholders and representatives various people, such as Oxana Childescu (Plahotniuc’s wife), Vera Morozan (sister), Andrian Candu (godson), Ghenadie Sajin- head of the State Inspectorate for Constructions, Andrei Ursachi- son of the former head of the State Protection and Guard Service, and Cezara Salinski- manager of Prime Management LLC, a firm that is also controlled by the oligarch.

In a way, similar to Angel- S, the statutory documents of Finpar Invest had been altered several times, involving more offshore companies, which pumped big money into Moldova, including for the procurement of the Codru Hotel.

The company was founded in 1993 by Plahotniuc, as a Center for offense prevention and rehabilitation of minors – MINOR LLC, with a registered capital of 35 thousand rubles. In 1998, Oxana Childescu, Vladimir Plahotniuc’s wife, became a shareholder of the company with a stake of 95%. In 2003, the stake passed over to Vera Morozan, Plahotniuc’s sister, and since 2005, several offshore companies have been majority shareholders, represented by several proxies, including Olga Dnestrean and Andrei Ursachi, husband of Judge Corina Ursachi, controlled by the magnate.

In the same year of 2005, the share capital was changed from 35 thousand rubles to 11 million lei. In 2008, MINOR Center for offense prevention and rehabilitation of minors changed its name into Finpar Invest LLC.

Muntean Olesea

According to the documents, presented by Offshoreplaha on 10 June 2010, shareholders of Finpar Invest FOE were two offshore companies - Finpar Victoria Limited, registered in Nicosia, Cyprus, with a stake of 88.9%, or $14 million 838 thousand, and Power Investment LLC, registered in Florida, USA, with a stake of 11, 09 %, which constituted $ 1 million 848 000. The first undertaking was represented by proxy by Olga Dnestrean and the second by Andrei Ursachi.  Petru Cangas appeared as the manager of Finpar Invest FOE. He is the husband of Natalia Politov- Cangas, President of the Management Board of Victoriabank, also controlled by Plahotniuc. On 17 June, Olesea Muntean, a young woman aged 26 from Chisinau, became the representative of a million-worth company  Power Investment LLC.

Dnestrean and Muntean signed an additional document on the increase of the share capital of Finpar Invest by over 20 million lei. 

Act aditional.jpg

On 21 June 2010, the share capital of Finpar Invest FOE was increased by over $15 thousand. On 24 June, the share capital was increased by another $ 4342.

On 23 July 2010, the General Assembly of Finpar Invest FOE decided on the share capital increase by 65 million 456 000 lei and inclusion of the Codru Hotel Complex in the list of its associates.

ÎCS Finpar Invest.jpg

On 12 July 2010, Ghenadie Sajin, a person from Plahotniuc’s entourage and brother-in-law of the then general prosecutor Valeriu Zubko, was appointed the administrator of Finpar Invest.


The decision to change the administrator was signed by Olga Dnestrean.

Chenadie Sajin.png

Ghenadie Sajin. Sursa: ZdG

On 17 August 2010, Finpar Invest changed its form of business organization, switching from a foreign owned enterprise to a joint venture.

Cristina Balan became the representative of the Codru Hotel Complex FOE.

Cristina Balan On 9 September, Cristina Balan signed the decision on the sale of the Codru Hotel Complex to Finpar Invest. Cristina Balan was vested with the mandate by the offshore company Investment Development Group, which acquired the hotel Codru from Daranian Holdings Limited, a company in Cyprus, three weeks after its fraudulent privatization at the amount of 50 million lei.  


The documents show that in the period of March - October 2010, the statute of Finpar Invest had been altered 14 times providing for the increase of its statutory fund. Thus, $14 million 783 thousand had been transferred from offshore accounts to the account of Finpar Invest. 

contul Finpar Invest Victoriabank.jpg

In November 2010, Power Investment LLC sold Finpar Victoria Invest Limited its stake in Finpar Invest, thus, it became the sole shareholder of Invest Finpar Joint Venture.

Power Investment.jpg

In its turn, after a month, Finpar Victoria Limited sold Finpar Invest JV, whose share capital amounted to almost $ 37 million, to the Dutch offshore company OTIV Prime Real Estate B.V. for the amount of $ 28 million 218 thousand. The contract of purchase and sale was signed by Olga Dnestrean and Andrian Candu.


obiectul contractului.jpg

The transaction was attested on the bld. Cantemir 1/1 by the notary public Olga Bondarciuc.

Cezara Salinski

At the beginning of the year, the form of business organization of the company was changed again, returning to the status of foreign-owned enterprise. In December 2011, Cezara Salinski became the mandant of OTIV Prime Real Estate B.V. Subsequently, Cezara Salinski reached the Management Board of Victoriabank.

Political analysts claim that these operations have been performed to hide the paper trail of illegal privatization of the Codru hotel, which according to the Court of Auditors, prejudiced the state by at least 160 million lei.

"We say Finpar Invest, but we all know that behind this name stands a person that is the social scourge of Moldova. The privatization of Codru was effected completely illegally, but Plahotniuc has certainly surrounded himself with hotshots", Valentin Dolganiuc says.

"Plahotniuc is playing now with more assets of his in Victoribank and Codru, he sells or moves them from one structure to another, whether they are his property or belong to his business partners. He does it with the sole purpose of hiding the track of the final owner. Plahotniuc eventually wants to prove that he has no shares, he is no longer a deputy, he no longer owns the hotel Codru. But these shares will be controlled by him, as well as these properties," the political analyst Bogdan Tirdea said.

Dubious collaboration between Vladimir Plahotniuc and Petro Poroshenko

According to the annual report of the Gemeni Trading House for 2013, OTIV Prime Real Estate B.V. owns 47.86% of its shares, but it is known that the controversial businessman Vlad Plahotniuc is behind this name. Another major shareholder of Gemeni is Geomold LLC, which is said to belong to the Ukrainian billionaire and head of state Petro Poroshenko. Geomold LLC owns a share of 47.86% in Gemeni.

In 2013, Gemeni Trading House had a turnover of 48.9 million lei, 500,000 lei more than in 2012. Its profit amounted to 39, 2 million lei, 3.5 million lei more compared to 2012. In 2014, the Stock Exchange of Moldova registered the sale of 47.87% shares in Gemeni Trading House, located in the center of Chisinau, at a price of 95.3 million lei to the offshore Cypriot Kroniaco Management Limited, which is said to have been established by Plahotniuc.

According to the documents, published by Offshoreplaha, the current Ukrainian president, in collusion with Petru Madan, his former subordinate and trusted ally,
organized in 2001-2005 six criminal groups that dispossessed of shares 50 000 shareholders of Gemini JSC and Plahotniuc allegedly helped them to do it.

Police initiated 53 criminal cases with respect to misappropriation of property.


A note to the Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that although criminal cases were instituted, they inexplicably arrived at the Center for Combating Economic Crimes and Corruption (CCECC current NAC), remaining without a resolution.



Instead, the CCECC started the prosecution of victims dispossessed of property by groups led by Poroshenko, for instance, the case of the lawyer Ilie Rotaru.


It should be noted that in 2004-2008, CCECC was headed by Valentin Mejinschi, the current manager of Argus- S, a company rendering security services, located in a building that belongs to Finpar LLC, owned by Vladimir Plahotniuc. 

Both Mejinschi and Alexei Roibu, who served as heads of CCECC, appeared in a list published on the same website, stating that the two officials had allegedly received premiums from Plahotniuc "worth 30 and 10 thousand dollars, respectively”.    

Plahotniuc şi Poroşenco .png

Poroshenko and Plahotniuc visiting the Institute of Mother and Child

Both Plahotniuc and Poroshenko have repeatedly boasted that they are friends. The latest proof of their friendship was Veaceslav Platon’s urgent extradition despite the fact that he held Ukrainian citizenship.   

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