Organizers of the scheme to smuggle clothes, who have allegedly harmed the state budget by more than half a million lei, managed to leave the Republic of Moldova. One of them ran with a crew of police on his trail.

Vitalie Chisca, prosecutor at the Prosecutor's Office to Fight Against Organized Crime and Special Cases, believes that persons that implemented the scheme were informed in advance of the coming searches and seizures.  

"The two persons, suspected of organizing the scheme to smuggle clothes managed to leave the country through the Transnistrian region, and according to the information we hold, now they are in Ukraine. One suspect was almost stopped by a police mobile crew, but he accelerated, ignoring the officers’ signals," Chisca declared.

The prosecutor claims that at the moment, the authorities are carrying out all legal procedures to notify the international authorities of the two fugitives.

Meanwhile, five people of the nine suspects in the case received 30 days of arrest, and two people were placed under house arrest by a court decision. A customs broker, and the chief of the customs brokerage bureau are among those detained. 

According to the prosecutor, the group imported clothes from Romania, declaring at the customs only a small part of the goods, the other goods crossed the border of the country without paying any taxes, thus they prejudiced the state by over half a million lei. Prosecutors are investigating whether the scheme involved customs officers.

Recall that on Friday, the Prosecutor for Organized Crime Combat and Special Causes and the SIS officers conducted searches in Chisinau, Balti and Straseni.

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