Over 15 thousand undeclared cigarettes that were being sold illegally on the black market of the European Union, which would have generated a profit of more than 3 000 euros were detected at different customs points yesterday, with the help of police dogs.

The first case was recorded in Leuşeni Customs Station, where inspectors using a police dog, discovered in the glove compartment of a car, 7540 cigarettes of Rothmans and Winston brands, with excise stamps of the Republic of Moldova. The tobacco products belonged to a 32-year-old Moldovan citizen.

A few hours later, at the same customs point two more attempt to illicitly pass cigarettes across the border, were registered hidden in a two vehicles. And this time, the tobacco products were detected with the help of a service dog. As a result of physical checks on those 2 cars, the customs officers seized 5440 cigarettes of various brands, stamped RM.

The fourth case of smuggling was registered at the custom point from Cahul, where customs officers, assisted again by a quadruped, discovered 2440 Ashima cigarettes with excise stamps of the Republic of Moldova. The cigarettes were concealed in a specially arranged place behind the driver's seat of a bus, carrying passengers and unaccompanied parcels to Italy.

All cigarettes were taken and confiscated and the offenders will be held accountable according to the law.

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