Andrei Pantea, former first deputy of the Prosecutor General, accused of  acting ultra vires by transferring the case of the criminal leader Grigore Caramalac to the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation, will spend the next month in custody. The decision was taken by the magistrate of Rascani District Court Tatiana Bivol, at the request of the prosecutor.

Although Bivol filed a recusal on the grounds that her father had participated as a lawyer in the case of Caramalac, her application was rejected.

Before the hearing, Pantea was overseen talking to a woman.

You can find below a document, specifying the parts in Pantea’s case:


Please note that Andrei Pantea was arrested by anticorruption prosecutors on October 11, 2016. On November 25, the criminal charges were sent to court.

The next hearing in this case will take place on December 9 this year.

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